Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Wrap -Up!

Three day weekends are the best!I wish they could all be three day weekends but then I might want four day weekends.

Saturday: It was supposed to rain which limits our weekend activities. We decided to try out the puppet show at the Downtown Nashville Library. Everyone raves about these puppet shows and now we know why! It was amazing, free and perfect for children of all ages. Henry and Evie both really enjoyed it and so did their parents. Can't wait to go back again. Be sure to check out this wonderful resource if you live in the area. After the puppet show, Henry zonked out in the car so we decided to drive over to Nolensville to Martin's Barbecue for lunch. It was not crowded at all and we had the run of the screened porch. Martin's Barbecue has been in both Southern Living and Garden & Gun which is high praise around these parts. It's worth the trip and once of our favorite places to get some BBQ. Evie took the opportunity of lunch at Martin's to play waitress with my notepad. She is really into pretending and switches back and forth easily from fantasy land to real life. It's quite entertaining to observe her constantly evolving roles. She switches from a "mailman girl" to "mermaid" seamlessly with little time for the audience to transition between her roles. After lunch, I ran in Publix to grab a few items for dinner and I kept hearing a little voice that sounds like Evie. Carl had brought the children inside because Evie was crying for me. Our quick trip turned into a fun family outing and quite a few extra items added to our buggy. Evie was so excited that Abby was coming for dinner. We love getting together with the Onello's and it's even more fun now with five kids. I love how so much has changed since Maura and I met teaching school in Charlotte in 2007 and here we are in Nashville with 5 kids between us. Life sure is an adventure! Evie was a bit of a handful without her nap but perked up after dinner and dessert.

Sunday: We had planned breakfast at Loveless Cafe and headed out about 9:30. There were so many people there that we decided that waiting two hours in the rain with two kiddos would not be the best way to spend the morning. Those biscuits are good but not that good! Carl took us the scenic route through Davidson and Williamson county which is always fun. We decided to make a quick Costco run and then headed back to Cheekwood. It's the last weekend for the tree houses exhibit. We will all miss the tree houses. Evie selected the one that she would like relocated to her backyard. We came home for naps and then had an early dinner of popcorn. Evie stayed up late with us since she took a nap. Then, Carl and I watched a movie after everyone was tucked into bed.

Monday: Evie and Carl slept late. Henry and Carl went for a jog and Evie and I had worked on some cards for her boys. She's really into drawing and spends at least an hour a day doodling with markers, crayons and paint. Henry tried out some doodling of his own but kept trying to eat the art supplies. Carl grilled hot dogs while I went to exercise. Henry and Evie were both up from their rest time by 3. I tried snapping a few pictures of Henry but he is so fast that it's hard to catch him. We went to The C's house for drinks and appetizers. Courtney made a yummy corn dip and we all enjoyed a fun evening at their house.

Hope you had a terrific Labor Day weekend!

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