Friday, September 28, 2012

Week in Review: MNO, Baby Shower, Cooking Club and Stitches

What a week! It was a good week overall with just a few frenzied moments. Carl and I are looking forward to a weekend with no plans.

Monday: Evie had dance. We played outside and Carl had a dinner out with a customer. It seems like so long ago that's all I can remember about that day.

Tuesday: Evie went to school and Henry went with me to Cooking Club. We made a few tweaks and it went so much better this time. Joy was sick so it was just three of us cooking four meals. It went much faster and we cut back on the fluff to make it easier for everyone. Our meals were a marinade for a pork tenderloin, chicken fried rice, Italian sausage manicotti  from Cooking Light.and Stromboli. We only had three kids which made it much less chaotic and it only required one sitter. We have already tried the Stromboli and the manicotti - both were delicious. Henry came home ready for a nap so he skipped lunch. OOPS! He woke up in time to pick Evie up from school and we headed to the mall to have Carl's watches repaired. All the stars aligned and it was an easy trip to the mall. Watches were repaired quickly, kids played and we had a cookie for snack. We played outside soaking up these beautiful fall days while they last. After the kids were in bed,  I went to Mom's Night Out at Urban Grub. We had a big group and sat outside adjacent to the roaring fire which was delightful on a chilly night. Dinner was good although not as divine as I remembered. Restaurant's can be so hit or miss. It was fun hanging out with everyone and catching up without the kids. Bedtime was late for me since I did not get home until almost 11.

Wednesday: Henry fell on the fireplace and needed stitches. You can read all about that here. Not a day worth repeating!

Thursday: Both kids went to school! I came home and rested a bit since this cold is not going away. Ugh! It was so nice to be in a nice, quiet house. I picked up the kids and headed to the park to meet some friends. It was another gorgeous Nashville day, perfect for playtime at the park. We stopped at Chick fil A for milkshakes since everyone got so hot at the park. Henry is not going to have a milkshake again anytime soon because it is too much dairy for him. Carl was in Chattanooga and I tried to find a sitter so I could go to a friend's house. Babysitters are worth their weight in gold especially great ones. I went through my list with no luck so my sweet friend enlisted her mom to come sit at my house. That made my day! I enjoyed a night of girl talk and yummy food although it was another late night.

Friday: Both kids were up before 7 and we just had a quiet morning at home with lots of books, role-playing and a morning nap for Henry. Evie is really into role-playing. I need to find Evie some acting classes because she really gets into her part without faltering. We were playing hospital complete with band-aids, thermometers and a medicine dropper. Evie is an excellent nurse if you are in the market for one. We attended a baby shower for a non-profit. I organized this for my MOMS group last year so it was so nice to just be a participant this year. I highly encourage this for a fun way to give back to your community. It's a win-win for everyone. Moms can clean out their closets of  baby gear, kids get cake and babies are showered with important essentials that may not have been possible without this assistance! There are tons of places that need community help to provide mothers with the basics that many of us make take for granted such as diapers, wipes, medications, clothing etc. It was a fun morning and I was overwhelmed with the generosity of everyone in the group. There was so much stuff! Evie was a hot mess but protesting nap. I told her not to come out of her room until she had napped. It's the first time in over three weeks that both kids are napping at the same time. Now, that's priceless!
Happy Friday, Y'all!

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