Thursday, September 6, 2012

Henry's first day of School!

Henry started Mother's Day Out today. I remember being so anxious about sending Evie to school but Henry was just fine. He walked right in his classroom and allowed his teacher to pick him right up. Then, he was off to explore his new surroundings. There were no tears from Henry or me but Evie cried since she went with me to drop him off.

She worried about him all day long! "Mama, do you think Henry is scared? Does he have any friends? Will he go outside? He might not like that crib. Will the teacher leave the light on for him?"

Last night, she even packed his backpack for him and asked Carl to put some graham crackers in there for him. I love seeing her show empathy and concern for her brother. That's not always the case!

Henry's teachers are Denise and Brenda. They think the "Ms" is confusing so they skip that part. They told me that Henry probably would not nap for the first few weeks until he gets used to the routine of school. Guess, who napped the very first day? My sweet boy!

He had such a fun day at school and received an excellent report. Brenda told me that Henry is all boy and not one bit intimidated by the big kids on the playground. Big kids being the two year olds.

I thanked his teachers for taking such good care of Henry and told them how much I appreciated them. Brenda told me that she appreciated me for trusting her with my baby! She does not have children of her own and she said that was okay but not having grandchildren was the pits. Wonderful teachers make me smile and I know that Henry is going to have a blast this year. 

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