Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Evie's Ballerina Debut


Evie's first day of ballet was yesterday and it was a hit! She loved every second of it except the first second. I had so much fun getting her dressed in her tights, leotard and shoes. Evie looked adorable and was radiating with excitement. She was a bit concerned that her tights covered her feet. Her toenails are painted pink right now and clearly showing off her toes was at the top of her agenda. Evie lamented that "Nobody  will see my feets."

She recovered quickly from the injustice of wearing tights to ballet by chanting "I'm a ballerina girl" while practicing all of her moves. Those dance moves that Angelina Ballerina has so kindly taught over the last few months. That's what started this whole dance idea for Evie.

I have been a bit anxious about starting this whole extra-curricular activity spin cycle so early in life. Evie has asked me for months to take ballet so we decided to let her try it. Of course, I have spent more time than necessary trying to find the perfect studio with times that fit my perceived perfect time frame. Not to mention the studio that allows tights instead of socks. Because clearly tights are part of the ballerina experience.

I found the perfect place and Evie was just thrilled to be there except for the first few minutes. The dance studio was packed to the brim with tiny ballerinas, excited parents and crying siblings. It was a bit overwhelming. Evie figured it would be just fine after spotting the pink studio complete with mirrors to admire every inch of her pink clad body.

She just waltzed right in the studio ready for her leading role in The Nutcracker this fall.

Henry and I ran a few errands and then came back in time to see Evie on the closed circuit TV. It was easy to spot her with that huge pink bow. Evie was prancing around as if this was her job.

She came bounding out of the studio after class announcing to the entire waiting room, "I loved it, Mama. Dancing is so much fun." It was so cute and another one of those memories that will last a lifetime.

She was dying to go somewhere  after class to show off her ballet attire. It took us some time to agree on a destination. Evie thought the park or Monkey Joe's would be just the place while I was thinking Puffy Muffin or the library. We decided on cookies at Puffy Muffin and Evie got all the attention that she wanted from all the lunching ladies.

Evie told me that ballet class was as much fun as the beach. That's high praise coming from Evie! I'd say our first day of ballet was a success.


  1. LOVE her reaction when she came out!! So sweet!

  2. Too cute! She looks just precious and I love her announcement to everyone in the waiting room. She definitely looks the part of a pretty ballerina!

  3. She is absolutey adorable! SO much cuteness! I love your new blog design too!

  4. This is so weird, but as soon as I saw this post in my reader, I remembered I had a dream about you guys last night. My friend Amanda and I were running in a neighborhood and I saw you guys playing in a field by a pond! Random, I know!

  5. Adorable! I know just who I'm coming to for all of my Nashville mom advice one day :)

  6. So glad Evie had a wonderful time! How neat to be able to watch. My viewing ended last week, which may be good since I won't be worried about her being all over the place!


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