Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

It's been a busy few days!

Saturday: We finally had family pictures made! It was so much harder to get it all together than any other time. Life just kept happening. Sick kids, birthday parties, work commitments. Finally, we made it happen and our sneak peek looks amazing! Henry just has not had life captured on film like Evie. It was a nice cool overcast morning perfect for crisp shots of my precious children. Carl is always a good sport about this type of thing. He even mentioned how special these pictures will be to us long after we forgot the logistics of making it all happen. After our little photo shoot, we headed home to pack up for our long drive to North Carolina. Carl had a work trip so we decided to tag along to see my family. It was a good trip although maybe it just seemed good after preparing for the worst. We came in Carl's truck which means all the conveniences of our mini-van were left behind in Tennessee. We had a portable DVD player but missed our sliding doors, reclining seats and adequate leg room. It really went much better than expected! Our kids are fabulous travelers. That's the easy part, keeping everyone happy and sleeping once we arrive is much harder for us. We finally made it to my parents house about 9.

Sunday:  Morning arrived way too soon. Ben took us to see his new house. He told her that she had her own room there. Evie was quite concerned that there was not a bed. In time, sweet girl. My parents arrived home from Wilmington. They attended a wedding on Saturday night. Evie was so excited to see them. Everyone took naps and Carl went to the Panther's game.My mom and I took the kids to see my grandmother and aunt. Evie made it through the visit without any tears. That's big folks, Evie does not like old people! We came home for dinner and bedtime went much more smoothly.

It was a fun, busy weekend. Hope the format of this post looks okay. I am using my phone to write it which is not my first choice.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

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  1. I find that kind of expecting things like traveling to be not so great helps me a lot. Things usually go better so then I'm pleased instead of being disappointed that they didn't live up to my expectations. I'm dying over Evie and old people although I can imagine that is quite a challenge. Can't wait to see pictures. We are scheduled for some in October and I could sweat over it already.


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