Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sneak Peek


  1. They are fantastic! Love your colors! Thought about you as I watched Survivor tonight. The author of Unglued is on this season. That's my next reading choice when I find a minute. Hope you enjoy the Carter's. Everything this season seemed even softer feeling than before. Everyday clothes are hard because I'm picky about words on clothing. Carter's is always good for sturdy and cost-effective so that I can splurge on everything else.

  2. Love these!!! You watch Survivor too?! (Seeing Whitney's comment haha) We love that one in our house! ;)

  3. Adorable, Jennifer! I just looked at a few more on Facebook and they are just so perfect!
    We will be in Gastonia the weekend of Oct. 26-28. I know y'all were just there. Love Ben's new house! So proud of all that he has accomplished!
    PS- We love Dave Ramsey's FPU class. And to answer your question, our class is a good mix of ages so we are all at different stages of our savings. Some want to retire early, others trying to get rid of limited debt. Not too many extremes, although we don't discuss our personal finances with each other. So we dont' know if there are some who are swimming in debt.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the blue and pink combination.


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