Friday, September 14, 2012

Week in Review: Dance, Honky Tonks and the Frist

It's been a busy week. Carl was gone for most of it which always makes it a little crazy. We were so happy to see him pull in the driveway. Weather has been amazing this week! All of my pictures were taken with my phone so hope they are clear enough. It seems like such a hassle to pull out my big camera now that I always have my iPhone right at my fingertips.

Monday: Evie had her first day of ballet. We went to the YMCA after nap time. Evie was not happy at all about going in Child Watch. I was not exactly patient with her and the crying was driving me nuts. I worked out and chatted with a friend. Of course, she was just fine when I picked her up so I asked her why she was upset. Evie told me that " a mean girl was there last time and she ripped my paper." We discussed how it would have been easier to resolve the problem if she had told me this before I dropped her off. We headed over to the park for some playtime. Henry loves to play at the park just like his big sister. We enjoyed the gorgeous day together!

Tuesday: Evie went to school with a little prodding because she wanted to go to "dance school." Henry and I went to meet some friends at Krispy Kreme. YUMMY. Henry was a big fan of the hot doughnuts. We ran a few errands and then Henry fell asleep so I drove into Nashville to Trader Joe's. I love that store and wish we had one a little closer. Trader Joe's, I have the perfect location for you that is super close to my house. Contact me for more information! Henry and I went to Helen's Children Shop while over that way but were not successful in finding boy clothes. We picked Evie up from school and Henry took a nap while I spent some time with Evie. That girl loves to cuddle and be within two inches of my person for the better part of the day. Henry spotted the boys so we went over to play. I put everyone to bed early after our busy day.

Wednesday: Henry was not happy at all for most of the day. His poor little teeth are really bothering me him. He's still sleeping great but is drooling on everything and biting anything or anyone that gets too close to his mouth. Evie had dance in the morning. We are in the Wednesday class now. Henry and I stayed in the waiting room to watch Evie on the monitor. It's fun to see her and fun to chat with all the other moms. An hour is a LONG time with a busy toddler. Henry played with the other little kids, ate snacks and explored the studio. I'm pretty sure that we will find something to do so that I do not lose my sanity next week. Evie enjoyed her second day of dance just as much and has decided that she is a real ballerina. After dance, we headed to the library to check out a few books and some new movies. We played outside after naps and were so happy to see Carl come home. It was a beautiful day so we took a long walk through the park. Carl and I caught up on our crazy week and then went to bed early.

Thursday: Evie and Henry both had school. ALLELUIA! I enjoyed my 4.5 hours of freedom even though most of the time was spent at a long overdue hair appointment. It was so nice to have a little bit of time alone! Of course, I was excited to pick up my kids. Evie was thrilled to see me and Henry was too although he was still having major tooth pain. Denise had to rock him to sleep at school. He took a little catnap at home too and then we headed outside to play for a bit. Mommy was counting the hours to bedtime by this point because I had two kids on the verge of a meltdown. Fellow Mama's you know that two kids on the verge of a meltdown means a Mama on the verge of a meltdown too. It was time for a quick dinner and bath time before bed. Carl arrived home late. Henry needed lots of assistance but finally went to sleep. Whew, what a day!

Friday: Henry and Evie both woke up around 7 and then Henry took a morning nap before we headed Downtown to the Fritz. I have been interested in visiting the Fritz for three years and finally made it this morning. There is a HUGE room with lots of art centers perfect for children of all ages. We went with the MOMS Club and were all impressed with the selection of art materials and activities. Evie made a movie, painted with watercolors, worked on mural, learned about scale, built a tower, and created a collage. It was a whirlwind morning but super fun! Evie had a blast with her friends but the novelty of all the new materials began to wane after an hour. One of the moms had the idea to take the kids down Broadway to Robert's World of Western Wear. It's a local music joint and it's very tame at noon so no worries about exposing our children to unfavorable situations. I was entirely out of my comfort zone walking down Broadway with a stroller and a three year old but am so glad that we went. Evie  was in her element dancing to the music and enjoying the show. All that activity made for some hungry children. What a wonderful day with friends! It's never too early to expose our children to different perspectives and Evie had the opportunity to view world renown art and listen to Honky Tonk music all in the same morning. Carl got a real kick out of our morning activity. Can't wait to do this again.

Looking forward to a fun, fall weekend! See you on Sunday.

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