Friday, September 21, 2012

Week in Review: BBQ and Book Club

Not the best picture, but they looked too cute not to share.


Our week went by super fast. Shamefully, I took very few pictures this week!

Monday: We were in North Carolina visiting my parents and brother. It was a yucky, rainy day so I took the kids to McDonald's for lunch and some playtime. Evie's little friend Maddie came over after nap time to watch a movie and have some playtime. Evie and Henry had fun playing with Ipop and Nana too. Evie told me her favorite part of the trip was eating ice cream with her Nana.

Tuesday: Another rainy day, we just stayed home to keep dry. Carl returned from Greensboro with Lexington Barbecue for lunch. Delicious! Very moist with a good flavor - this is our very favorite barbecue and it's such a treat to have it. We packed up everything and headed back to Tennessee. Our kids were exhausted and everyone passed out quickly. They even slept through a quick stop for fuel. That never happens with our kids! We stopped for an early dinner at Perkins and were surprised to find out that kids eat free on Tuesday nights. Dinner was yummy and dessert was even better. Carl had a slice of peanut butter pie and Henry swiped the peanut butter cup right off the top. He seemed to enjoy his first taste of peanut butter even if he tried it inadvertently. Henry's pediatrician recommended that we delay giving peanut butter since Henry has had so many belly issues. He seemed to do just fine though so we may try again this weekend. We did not arrive home until around 8:30 but everyone did great on the trip. Henry fussed a little the last thirty minutes or so but it was completely manageable. Henry and Evie were super excited to be home and played a few minutes before bedtime.

Wednesday: Everyone slept late which is always nice! We headed out to ballet around 10. Henry went with me to Publix while Evie had dance. We came back just in time to see Evie tapping for the first time. All the little girls were so proud to be tapping away in their shiny black shoes. After nap, I put everything away and tried to get our house back in shape. Carl and Evie were in the bedroom and I heard her tell Carl that I was the "Big Bad Wolf." That cracked me up but I still put her in time out. She's been a mess this week and there have been lots of time outs. Sometimes, we both need a time out!

Thursday: Both kids had school! Thursday might become my favorite day. I ran a few errands and then came to do piles of laundry. It was not bad at all folding laundry in a nice, quiet house. We met The Porter's at the park for some playtime which was a wonderful way to break up the afternoon. Henry is sleeping great at school but Evie is usually cranky after school. It helps to spend time with friends. Carl came home in time for a walk to the park. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, perfect for lots of outside activities.

Friday: Both kids slept late - late meaning about 7 but it feels even later when they both wake up at 7. We dropped off something at the office for Carl and then headed to book club. There were so many kids there! I sure am glad that it was not at my house. Elise had snacks galore and my kids made themselves at home. Henry propped himself up into a chair at the little table and went to town on someones plate. We are reading Little Bee. I participated in book club before Henry was born but this was my first time with both kids. It's going to be real interesting trying to discuss books while trying to contain the mayhem. Evie and Henry had so much fun! Molly was there which automatically takes any event to rock star status in Evie's opinion and Henry loves to play with big boys. With full bellies and happy hearts, we left to pick up our groceries. Henry went down for his nap and Evie had a little rest time in her room. Evie told me that she sleeps with her eyes open now because she does not like to sleep anymore. I work really hard to pick my battles so as long as she is quiet and gives me a few minutes to collect my thoughts than her method of sleeping works just fine for me.

We have a low-key weekend planned with lots of yard work for Carl. He loves that type of thing. It's my job to keep the kids busy so we will find something to do while he aerates and seeds the lawn.


  1. i can't believe how light henry's hair is getting!

  2. I think Avery has decided to nap with her eyes open too, except not so quietly. We're hoping putting her in the bed will at least stop the jumping. Do you have a consequence if she's loud? Right now I just turn off Avery's monitor! Our husbands must think alike. Ned aerated Wednesday, fertilized tonight, and is seeding tomorrow. Sometimes I think a little work in the quiet sunshine wouldn't be so bad.

  3. Isn't it funny that 7:00 can feel late? :) We think the same thing at our house.
    I'm dying over Evie's dress! It's so adorable!!!


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