Friday, September 7, 2012

Week in Review

Tuesday: Evie went to school and Henry went with me to workout and then home for a nap. We picked Evie up and came home to play a bit with our boys. Suddenly, Courtney and I noticed that it was 5:30. It's so nice to have fun neighbors to spend our afternoons with because we all know those afternoons without naps can seem long. Henry was up a million times on Tuesday night. . .

Wednesday: Which meant that Wednesday was off to a rocky start with a cranky baby and a tired Mama. Henry had a fever on his 14 month birthday so we just stayed home except for a quick trip to the grocery store. Evie was being super needy so it did not surprise me when she woke up from her nap with a fever. I put Henry to bed while Evie packed Henry's bag for school which just melted my heart. She worked so hard on putting his lunch together and making sure that he had everything on his list for school. Evie has a strong maternal instinct early in life. She stayed up with us for a bit since she had a late nap. It was a stormy night so Carl cooked our burgers inside. Surprisingly, they were delicious, which was a shock since they were cooked in a frying pan. Evie was not interested in taking her medicine again because "it was not her flavor."

Thursday: I ended up sleeping with Evie because her fever was so high. She was saying all kinds of crazy stuff in her sleep. About 1:30, I told her that she needed more medicine since her fever was getting worse. She gagged on the cherry fever reducer so then we tried grape pills. That did not work out so well either so I suggested a bath. Evie thought that was the most absurd suggestion ever made since it was the middle of the night. I was relieved when she chose to take a grape pill in exchange for a visit to Krispy Kreme the next morning. Motherhood at it's finest! Evie woke up fine but not able to go to school due to the late night fever. We took Henry to his first day of school and then went off on our girl's trip. I had been looking forward to September 6 for months since it was my first day without both kids in my house ever! Oh well, it ended up being just fine and Evie made the day fun for me. Although, I did forget to feed her breakfast before we left the house. Krispy Kreme is a supplement not the main course but it worked just fine as a treat. We love doughnuts in our family. After doughnuts, Evie and I went to select her leotard and other dance items. That was really fun, one of the top ten things I have ever done as a Mama. It felt like such a rite of passage selecting her pink leotard, shiny tights and slipping those ballet slippers on her precious little feet. It was one of those times that made me extra thankful for Evie. We ran a few errands before coming home for nap time. I was able to get so much done while she napped. Our bathtub received it's first scrub in more months than I'd like to admit but it sure is shiny now. I mopped, vacuumed, dusted and organized! Evie was still sleeping when it was time to pick up Henry so I cajoled her to the car with the promise of chocolate milk and a snack. I missed Henry and was ready to pick him up. He did just fine at school! Carl arrived home in time for a ballet demonstration by our resident ballerina. Both Evie and Henry were exhausted and went to bed early. Carl and I stayed up watching the DNC.

Friday: Everyone was fever free! Both kids were still pretty whiny and clingy so I made the executive decision to get out of the house. We headed to Shipwrecked for some playtime. Everyone had a good time and it felt good to get out of the house for a bit. All that playing has resulted in some great naps by both kiddos which is as rare as a unicorn around these parts.

Happy Weekend, y'all! See you on Sunday.


  1. Glad everyone is on the mend. Evie looks just like Beverly in the Krispy Kreme picture! Happy Weekend!

  2. I bought Molly's ballet shoes, leotard and tights this week at the very place where I bought MY ballet shoes for years and years. It was such a special afternoon and I had to try really hard not to cry! Definitely one of my favorite girl-mom moments, too.

  3. So glad to hear that the ballet experience was monumental for you as well, and I can't wait to hear about Evie's experience. I'm also glad that you will be getting a break each week. I was a little worried when you mentioned Evie at home and Henry at school in the other post.


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