Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a fun weekend and not too busy which is always nice. It's been a little cool in the mornings which has reminded to get busy buying Henry some clothes.

Saturday: Henry woke up super early so Carl took over baby duty at 5:30 and I slept until 8. That Carl is a keeper. Then, Carl and Evie went to pick up some biscuits for breakfast while Henry napped. Henry woke up right as they were bringing in the Chick fil A. Henry knows better than to miss a biscuit. We went out on a few errands after breakfast. Henry's lack of clothes was our big weekend project. Carl and I checked out two stores without any luck. It was eye opening for Carl to see that the stores really cater to girls with clothing choices. Evie and I went to see Goldilocks while Carl took Henry with him next door to get new pair of running shoes. Evie and I enjoyed meeting Goldilocks. We ran into a friend so it worked out well for photography purposes plus it gave us a chance to catch up. There were only a few kids there which surprised me but that was nice not to fight the crowds. Our next stop was to pick up Evie's dance skirt. I was just going to run in the store to get it but Evie wanted all of us to go in so she could try it on. Then, we picked up our groceries and Evie wanted to go in the grocery store to show off her dance clothes since she wore the skirt after we bought it. We told her to save that idea for another day.  Carl put both kids down for a nap while I went out for some alone time which was just heavenly!  I took Evie to a spiderman birthday party and it was pretty fun. Evie entertained herself and I was able to finish a few conversations which is always nice. There were only three girls there including Evie. Stephen, the birthday boy, only permitted his three favorite girls according to his Dad.  Henry stayed home with Carl while we went to the party. They went running and played outside. Of course, they snuck a little football in too while bookmarking possible clothes for Henry. You know things like camo overalls and Patagonia warm up suits. Not really what I had in mind for sweet Hen.  We put the kids to bed and enjoyed a yummy dinner and a movie - The Five Year Engagement. It was not that great but there were some funny parts.

Sunday: Henry woke up early again. He's growing his left molar and it seems to be giving him a fit.  I woke up with him and he was not happy at all. He felt a lot better after his medicine kicked in after a few minutes. Carl left after breakfast to head to Destin for work. Lucky Duck! We have both been dreading this trip a bit because it's never fun to leave your family on a Sunday. Even for a beach trip. Anticipation of these things is always worse than the actual event. We had a great day with just a few hairy moments. We played outside, ate lunch and hung out around the house a bit. It was really fun to meet up with Maura and her girls for a trip to the Adventure Science Center. Evie and Abby had a ball together. It's amazing how much easier it is to snap their picture now than it was a few years ago. Their favorite part was the ambulance. Evie was driving quite erratically and Abby was sticking her head out the window. It seemed almost like foreshadowing of the years to come. Yikes! Victoria, Sydney and Henry kept busy there too eating lots of crackers and running off some energy. We had a little picnic and playtime when we came home. Everyone went to bed early including Mama!

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  1. I was happy to put a dent in our fall clothing recently with Carter's 50% off sale. Somehow the sale still put a dent in my wallet. I'm still having to piece together some nicer clothes for both. Anything at Hanna Andersson for Henry? I love their soft play dresses for Avery. Sam was up at 5:30 am this morning so I'm on tooth watch. Hoping Henry's tooth appears soon.


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