Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Life, Back to Reality!

Our weather girl!

Whisking her hot chocolate!

Mmm, so yummy after Mommy took out the marshmallows.

Sweet girl loves to be just like Mommy and Daddy.

Henry just goes with the flow although he let's us know that he wants to try whatever we are eating.

Henry's first time in the high chair. He's looks a little confused by Evie's art lesson. She was working really hard at teaching how to draw a circle. "Just like this "Hen Wee." See this red. Evie like pink but red is nice too. Daddy like blue. Mommy like pink and you like green. Pink not your favorite, that Evie's favorite. Okay, brother."
It's been a fun yet exhausting day at The Niemeyer Nest. Carl left for work around 7 and the day seemed really long without him. It is nice to be back on our schedule. We had some friends come over to play this morning which helped pass the time. Evie and I kept busy having music class, drawing on the easel, and swimming in the pool. She is her father's daughter because "tending snow and rain" was part of our routine for the day. Evie loves weather games and even got into the spirit with a scarf, rain boots and her umbrella. Her imagination is growing every day and it's so fun to see her "tending" about so many real life experiences.


  1. It sounds like you had a busy day! How wonderful that Carl was home for 2 weeks! That is incredible!

  2. David went back to work today after 11 days at home, so I'm right there with you!


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