Monday, January 30, 2012

Henry according to Evie

First picture at home of Evie and Henry!

Just for fun, I decided to ask Evie a few questions about Henry. She was so cute chatting away and I know this will make me smile one day when my sweet little girl is not so little anymore.

Evie, tell me a little about your brother.

His name Henry. Him a baby. He a sweet boy. I kiss him. I hug him.

Where did brother come from?

He came from the mall. He grew in your belly. Evie grew there last year.

Who is going to grow in my belly this year?

I not know. (Mommy and Daddy say hopefully nobody will grow there this year.)

What does Henry like to do?

He like to play. He like to taste things in his mouth. He spits too. He play with Evie. He like Evie. He like to hammer too in his mouth. Hammers not food though - they tools.

What is brother's favorite color?

Blue! His color is blue. Evie's color is pink. That not his favorite.

Who is brother's best friend?

Evie (using a very exasperated voice)

What does brother like to eat?

He like prunes. That's his dinner. Prunes are black. Evie likes them too.

Does brother like to read?

No, Evie read to him. He too little. Him like baby books.

How old is brother?

I can't know. He three. No, he two.

Where does brother like to go?

He like to go to park. Henry play with dinosaurs. ROAR!

When is brother going to crawl?

I can't know, okay.

Anything else, Evie?

No, thank you.


  1. Oh I love this. I will definitely have to steal the idea and hope Avery's answers will be as positive as Evie's. Right now Avery thinks she has a Sam in her stomach also.

  2. Aaaaaah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Tell me you're printing this out and putting it in her baby book??!!!


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