Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Christian, Campbell and Evie worked together to create this beautiful masterpiece.
Evie has been crying with real tears because she has not seen her boys. It's been two weeks and that is just not acceptable to Evie. I missed them too! Today, was finally the day, that the boys and Courtney came over for lunch and playtime. Evie likes to open the front door so she can see them walk over and it was hysterical to see her literally jumping for joy once she saw them in their cute matching hats.

They played really well together and it was so nice to catch up with Courtney. Evie and Campbell were missing so I decided to go investigate. They were snuggling in the guest room bed under the covers. It was so cute! They were dreaming and Evie was not thrilled that I told them to go back downstairs. Sleeping and dreaming are two of Evie's favorite games to play. Too bad, my camera was not handy because that would have been one cute photo.

Evie had a total meltdown when she found out they were leaving. Hysterical! Evie told me that she wanted to go live with her boys. I told Evie that I'd miss her so much and she told me that I could live there too. She crashed after her meltdown for several hours. Henry missed the entire play date because he took the longest nap of his life. He was more tired than usual because he found his scream and was practicing throughout the night. Happy as a clam but loving the sound of his voice.

Best news of the day was when I finally figured out that Evie goes back to school tomorrow! Alleluia! I am thrilled to have a little time to get some things accomplished and she will be so happy to see her friends and teachers. Evie has been playing school over break so she will enjoy the real thing even more.

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