Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a nice low-key weekend! That's just what I needed after last week. On Saturday, we went to the circus. Evie wanted to take her glue stick with her just in case she found a project. I am not sure where this obsession with glue sticks comes from because there is not a crafty bone in my entire body.

Evie was so excited to see her boys in the parking garage when we arrived at the circus. It was a surprise for them so I sure am glad Evie did not spoil it for her boys. We walked in together before going our separate ways to view the circus. Carl and I were prepared to drop a chunk of change on snacks and souvenirs but not prepared for the ton of change that we spent! Oh my goodness, the circus has changed. Cotton candy was $12 and lemonade was $10. Peanuts felt like a relative bargain at just a little over $4. Programs were expensive, I remember when they were about $5. The lady next to me remembered when they were free! Carl had promised Evie a light since that's one of the best parts about those events. Get ready to be shocked, a pink light was $22! Yes, you read that correctly and clearly we are crazy for indulging her but we keep our promises. Evie LOVES her light! It might just have been her favorite part about the circus except for the snow. They dropped tons of "snow" at the end of the circus. Evie HAD to catch a few pieces and carried them proudly back to the car.

We expected a few more animals at the circus. It was mostly dancing, singing and some acrobats. We loved the elephants but they sure were stinky! It's amazing to think of all the work that goes into putting a circus together. All of that coordination and training with so many different people and animals. I could not stop thinking about Water for Elephants and hope those sweet elephants yesterday were treated much nicer than on the movie. Those boots and hook looked awfully familiar!

I was a bit concerned about Evie sitting still for so long but she did it. She seemed to really enjoy it and only put her hands over her ears a few times. Carl and I both enjoyed some extra snuggles with our girl during the scary parts. Evie spent approximately 15 minutes working on her bag of peanuts. Those peanuts provided a lot of entertainment for her so I will take some peanuts along on our next road trip. She also enjoyed her pink lemonade and pink cotton candy.

Henry enjoyed the circus too. He looked around a bit and then slept for awhile since he did not sleep much the night before. Apparently, the loudness of the circus does not impact his sleep the same way as his sister shrieking in the room next door.

It was a LONG circus! Over two hours of circus fun was a bit much for me but it was fun to see Evie enjoying herself so much. Children have such a different concept of time and events. I really had no clue on how to prepare her for our circus visit. All the videos on YouTube seemed pretty outdated and we did not have any circus books. Evie thought we were going to the fair and asked about the Ferris wheel. Now, she knows all about the circus and came home to find her tiger. She thought it was so funny that the elephants stood on stools so her elephant has been standing on our stool too.

The rest of our afternoon was spent hanging around the house. Carl worked in the yard and I tried to get organized in my office space. There is so much paperwork to keep up with between school, our MOMS group, church and the various financial documents. I need to figure out a better way to keep up with it all.

Henry did not sleep at all this weekend! He grew another tooth and has been really cranky. That's so unusual for our sweet boy. I hope it's just his tooth and not a sudden personality change. Evie comes by her dramatics honestly! Hope your week gets off to a great start. It's bedtime for me - sleep when the baby sleeps is a lot harder the second time around.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Can't believe how expensive everything is...they know how to get ya huh! I remember getting one of those light things at a sesame street live and your's the best part!!!!

  2. We can't wait for the circus! It will close in March and April so I'm determined to do April. So glad Evie did well and enjoyed herself. I need to show Avery my old programs. We took 2nd graders when I was teaching that, and I couldn't believe the prices. I still remember all my circus treasures and agree a light is a must.


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