Sunday, January 15, 2012

Evie's Birthday Party!

Evie had her 3rd birthday party yesterday! It was so much fun. Evie enjoyed having all of her little friends celebrate on her special day.

Heidi and Beverly at Sweet Birdie's Nest designed a super cute invitation using the park theme of our venue. They are always a pleasure to work with and do a fantastic job!

Evie has been talking for weeks about her birthday at the park so we were hoping that she would be just as excited on the big day! She did not disappoint because she was so pumped to be heading to her own birthday party. We let her open a few presents before we left and then it was time to go. Morning parties have lots of good points especially that we did not spend the entire day telling her that it was not time for her party yet.

Inside Out Play Park is new to our area and it's a park that is inside just as the name implies. It's perfect for cold days so I knew it would be a fantastic spot for a January birthday party. Inside Out did an amazing job and I highly recommend them. They did all the decorating with the supplies that I dropped off, ordered the pizza, cut the cake, and cleaned everything up. We had our own party planner, Drea, who orchestrated the party perfectly herding the kids for games, pizza and cake. She did everything for us so that Carl and I were able to enjoy the party too. Henry hung out with Carl and checked out all the big kids. It was the easiest birthday party and fun too!

Here's a peek inside the park before the kids arrived.

We all enjoyed playing a bit before the party started.

Evie was so excited to see everyone as they arrived! She had a ball with all of her friends. I was standing behind Evie during lunch and she asked to me to go over there. She wanted to have some girl talk with Molly! Evie got so excited to see Abby that she went to get Carl to show him too. That girl loves all her friends. We hear about them all the time!

We had cookie cake from Publix and it was so yummy! Not to mention easy to cut and a lot neater than cupcakes or sheet cake. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookie - it was a hit. Someone took a little swipe of icing before my picture but that's just a three year old thing to do!

After cake, it was time for the birthday surprise. Drea took Evie for a ride around the track on a four-wheeler and gave her some princess attire to make it even more special. Evie loved it and did not want to get off when her turn was over.

Party time was over and it was time to pass out the cute favors from Cakeology. Kayce designed tree house cookies for Evie that were replicas of the tree house at Inside Out. I did not take a picture but they were adorable. She did an amazing job decorating the cookies and shipped them to me without a single cookie breaking on the journey from South Carolina. They were beautiful and delicious.

We came home with lots of wonderful presents from her thoughtful friends. Evie loved opening all of them and has already had so much fun with her new toys.

We had a blast celebrating Evie's third birthday with all of her friends. Evie makes everyday an adventure and we are enjoying the ride with our sweet, adorable daughter.


  1. What a fun party! You are so fortunate to have places to have a great birthday...we've got nothing around here. I'm so glad it was a special day for everyone.

  2. love this!! i am seriously considering never having a party in our home again - haha! we had libbi's 2nd bday at an indoor play museum and it was SO nice to not have to worry about anything!
    and i totally think you should get evie involved in print modeling - she is so gorgeous and the camera loves her! :)

  3. Happy birthday sweet Evie!! What a wonderful and fun-looking party! I also wish we had a place like that around here -- it would be especially great during these cold winter months.

    I'm glad you (and Carl!) enjoy reading about our Canadian adventures. I feel the same way about your blog and those from the South. And I have to admit I feel a tinge of envy every time I see you guys playing outdoors without coats! In winter!!

  4. Thank YOU for asking us to create the invitations for your sweet Evie. We were thrilled. And what a fun place that venue is! I definitely wish we had a place like that in Charlotte. Happy 3rd birthday, Evie!


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