Friday, January 13, 2012

Week in Review: Snow, Yellow Porch and Hippos

It's been a busy week so blogging took a back seat. We are so happy that it is finally Friday!

Monday: We enjoyed a nice morning at home. Carl had a doctor appointment so he was home a bit longer than usual. It was nice just to be home with nothing to do. I did a little straightening up and prepared dinner for a friend. After naps, we headed to the park because it was a nice day. It's important to take advantage of those days in January since there are so few. Evie made friends with a little girl named Charlotte who had twin sisters. She keeps talking about the girl with the two babies. Evie even made the connection that her friend Abby has two babies too. We dropped off dinner at Kelly's house and it was so good to meet her new little baby boy! He is just precious and so tiny. It's hard to believe that Henry was just that small. Carl and I had a double date with Courtney and Christian. We went to The Yellow Porch for dinner and it was delicious. Carl had a fillet and I had a salad with salmon along with a passion fruit tart for dessert. Even better than the food was the time we spent with our friends! It was so much fun and nice to actually finish our conversation without any interruptions! Guess who was awake when we got home at 10? Not Evie! Henry was up and smiling like it was the best day of his life. We had a really rough night with VERY little sleep due to some more tummy issues.

Tuesday: Evie was off to school and Henry had a sitter because I had two appointments. It was time for an eye exam which is never fun. I had to wait a long time but it was worth the wait. Dr. Rebecca Taylor is a fabulous physican and gave me an excellent eye exam. My eyes do crazy things after pregnancy so it was good to know that I was in capable hands. Henry was not having fun with his sitter so I rushed home with my blurry vision from being dilated. It takes my eyes nearly 12 hours to get back to normal after they are dilated so that is never a good combination with driving. Henry was having more belly issues so I decided to take him back to the doctor. I saw another pediatrician in the group and he was excellent. He agreed that it is entirely out of the range of normal to suffer constipation for 6 weeks. Evie was along for the appointment and she did great especially considering that she had been at school all day. The doctor sent us for an x-ray so off we went to yet another doctor's office. That's four different doctor's in one day just in case you have lost count. Oh dear, I was done but my children were hanging in there just fine. They just played with toys, raided the candy bowl and cooed at strangers while I filled out forms and answered the same questions. I was so worried about Henry but everything with the x-ray turned out fine. Henry is going to the specialist on Tuesday and are hoping for some answers for our sweet boy. We were all exhausted after this busy day. Henry slept for eight hours straight which was bliss for me!

Wednesday: We headed to the library to hear Ms. Cheap. She is the local newspaper columnist who writes about ways to stay cheap! I have been looking forward to hearing her speak for a long time. She was so gracious to come speak to my MOMS group and I enjoyed it so much. More on that later! We ran a few errands after that while we were already out and about. After naps, we headed out for haircuts and to order Evie's birthday cake. Carl had a dinner meeting so it seemed like a good idea to get out for a bit. He took his customer to The Yellow Porch because he enjoyed it so much. Evie and Henry both love the grocery store so it went without a hitch.

Thursday: Evie had school and Henry stayed with me. We ran a few errands. Nothing too exciting! I really cannot remember what we did all day but it was a good day. We had our first snow of the year which thrilled Evie. She was so anxious to build a snowman but unfortunately there was not enough snow. We made hot chocolate and then cut out snowflakes. I helped Evie make a paper snowman but that was not exactly what she had in mind but it turned out so cute! After our project, we watched Madeline on the couch and snuggled. Her boys gave her a Madeline doll for Christmas so she watched the movie with us too. Carl got home just in time for bedtime because he had another late meeting. He has had a busy week!

Friday: It was a snow day even though there was no snow on the ground. We stayed home doing laundry, reading books about snow and hunting for hippos. Evie and Henry both took super short naps. I napped too but of course that means nothing got done since they woke up so early. Oh well, we had a nice afternoon and Carl got home earlier than usual so Henry and I headed out for a bit while he took Evie running.

That's our week! Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day because it's Evie's birthday party. It seems impossible that my baby girl is turning 3.


  1. so sorry to hear henry is still having trouble! :( hopefully the specialist can help y'all figure out what it is that is bothering him. i know that's hard to just "not know" :(
    you always have the best pictures of your kids! they are so cute. and let's just talk about evie's hair in is gorgeous! i'm jealous!
    happy birthday to evie..i cannot believe she is turning 3. slow down, evie!!

  2. Praying for baby Henry! I'm so sorry y'all are dealing with this. Evie and Henry are PRECIOUS!

  3. Thinking about Henry and all of you and hope you find some answers. I love all of his sweet clothes and love that they are classic boy not teenager. Looking forward to reading about Evie's big day. Three sounds so old!


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