Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I took Evie to Brilliant Sky Books on Friday to meet her friend, Molly. Brillant Sky books is one of my favorite places to shop for toys. Evie was so excited to meet her friend Molly there. She talks about Molly all the time. They are in preschool together and Molly's mom is in our MOMS club too. It was a fun morning out and so cute to see the girls having a blast together. It's almost Evie's birthday so I was trying to gauge her interest in toys that might work for her birthday. That's the tough part of a January birthday!

Everyone napped and then we went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather with our boys. It seems like all the neighbors joined us out there at some point since it was such a warm day. Evie drove a 4 wheeler which was a sight to behold. Courtney took some pictures that I will try to get from her. It was hilarious and made me extremely nervous for driving lessons. Evie ran into a tree, a car and Courtney within her first few minutes driving. YIKES! Then, she had a spectacular temper tantrum as we were leaving because she NEVER wants to leave her boys. Carl got home right after we came inside and went with us to deliver dinner to a new mom. It took us forever to get the kids settled so we just skipped dinner from pure exhaustion.

Saturday was a lazy day! It was raining so we all slept a little later than normal. Evie settled down to watch Pippi Longstocking and we had a carpet picnic for lunch. Then, it was time for Jacob's birthday party at a gymnastics studio. Evie had a ball! She ran, tumbled, bounced and played the whole time. Kristin made the most delicious cupcakes and it was a fun afternoon celebrating sweet Jacob turning 3. It's hard to believe our kiddos are turning 3. Evie kept telling me that she needed to show her Daddy the treat bag and balloon all the way home. She said her favorite part was the snack. That's my girl!

Henry and Carl did not have such a pleasant afternoon. Sweet Henry is having tummy issues again and would not take a bottle from Carl. I am pretty sure that it's time to go to the gastroenterologist which seems like such a huge step but that is the recommendation of both pediatricians that he has seen regarding his stomach.

Evie and Henry took short naps once we were home. We woke up Evie so she'd sleep last night and she went with Carl to run a few errands. They came back with chips, salsa, cheese dip and guacamole from Local Taco. YUMMY and another night of not cooking dinner.

Carl and I watched a movie after the kids were in bed. Henry was up most of the night. Poor little thing was just not feeling well at all. Carl took over with the kids while I slept in this morning. Everyone seems to be under the weather so we have just had a nice lazy day at home. Carl has a really bad sinus infection and took a nap. He never takes naps. Rest is probably the best thing. Evie seems to be getting a little cold like me and then of course there is Henry. I made chicken noodle soup for lunch which might help everyone.

I cleaned while Evie, Henry and Carl slept. Our house is a wreck! I just cannot keep up with the mountains of laundry, constant clutter and general mess of life with children. My expectations are much lower than they used to be but it's still pretty messy. Carl took over the kids after nap and I was able to finish up the house. It is so much better now!

We enjoyed our lazy day at home! Gloomy days are just perfect for lounging around in pajamas, reading books and watching movies.


  1. Sorry everyone is under the weather. I hope you find some answers for Henry and rest for yourself soon.

  2. Praying for you as you search for direction on that sweet baby boy! Hoping that all is well and his tummy gets to feeling better! Nothing like lazy weekends...those are the best!!

  3. Praying for you as you search for answers on that sweet baby boy's tummy. Praying Henry will start feeling better all on his own. There is nothing better than lazy weekends...those are the best!


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