Friday, January 20, 2012

Week in Review

Monday: We celebrated Evie's birthday! It was so fun watching her open all her birthday presents. We spread it out over three days but here are a few pictures for the grandparents. She wanted to go to Harris Teeter for a pink balloon and a cookie. I love that she is so easy to please most of the time. Then, we went to see Beauty and the Beast in the movie theatre. Henry stayed with a babysitter. It was Evie's first movie and I was not sure what to expect but she LOVED it. Except for one part, when she told me that she wanted to go home. She perched on my lap for a bit and enjoyed the rest of the movie. Campbell and Christian came with us along with their Mommy. It was so much fun. Can't wait to go back for another movie. Evie requested chicken nuggets and lemonade for her birthday dinner. That was easy!  It's just so hard to believe that my sweet girl is 3.

Tuesday: I took Henry to the GI doctor while Evie was at school. Doctor was amazing and had lots of good suggestions. Evie was so proud of her birthday crown from school! She took ice-cream sandwiches to her friends and told me multiple times how all her friends "like them samwichs." After school, our neighbor, Erin came over to help me with Evie. I was not too sure how it would all play out but Erin did a fantastic job taming our Tennessee Tornado.

Wednesday: We headed out to the MOMS Club board meeting and had a delicious breakfast. Evie played with Jackson and Elise. Henry just hung out with me. Evie told me that she wanted Henry to go back in my belly. Only took her 6.5 months to make that comment so that's pretty good. Henry pulled her sketch book off the table which annoyed Evie. However, she quickly forgot about this and told me that Henry was the best brother ever and that he so sweet. We made pancakes for dinner and just hung out around the house.

Thursday: Evie had school and Henry had his sitter. I had an appointment and then met Courtney for lunch at Wild Iris. If you are local, check this place out! It was delicious. We both had the tuna melt but it was not your ordinary tuna melt. It was served on warm homemade bread and was loaded with red onions and capers. DELICIOUS! Let's not forget the amazing housemade potato chips that were seriously divine! I cannot wait to go back. After lunch, we went to Stacey Rhodes Boutique. It  had lots of super cute clothes but it's definitely more of a splurge type place. Too bad, we do not have any upcoming weddings to attend because they had a million cute dresses that would be perfect for a fun cocktail party or wedding. Perhaps, a bit much for playgroups and playgrounds. Erin came back to help me out but Evie was asleep. She played with Henry for a bit. Mother's Helpers are fabulous!

Friday: Evie was quite imaginative all morning and had all kinds of elaborate role playing that she wanted me to participate in with her. She was super sweet with Henry and kept hugging him. Evie is quite generous with her hugs these days.Then, we headed out to see our friends in Murfreesboro for playtime and lunch. It was so fun although Evie was extremely whiny! That whining drives me crazy and I do mean crazy. Evie and Abby kept busy playing with the dollhouse, drawing on the easel, and turning Maura's house into a disaster zone. Maura made some delicious chicken sandwiches. Best part, is that she will use the rest to make barbecue pizza tonight. I cannot wait to try that with my family. Evie crashed right when we got home and Henry seems to be busy trying to relieve his constipation. Carl has been out of town and is on the way back now. We will all be thrilled to see him walk through the door! Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I was wondering what are you guys doing for Henry's constipation. My son (4 months old) who is exclusively breastfed is battling constipation. We have an appt with a gi specialist in March. We have tried juice (pear, apple and prune), glycerin supp., mineral oil in bottles of breast milk and now miralax and probiotics to his bottles of bm twice a day. I have cut out dairy and gluten to see if it helps with helps the gas and fussiness. If you would rather jot post, my email is Any suggestions are welcome!


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