Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a super fun weekend! Yesterday was busy with Evie's birthday party. After naptime, Carl and I snuck out for a quick date. Evie was thrilled to show Miss Shannon all of her new toys. I booked a sitter when I found out that there was a boat show this weekend. I knew that Carl would love the chance to go check out some boats even though we are not in the market for a boat anytime soon. Nashville is not the most boat-friendly city but it sure was fun to dream. Carl picked out the perfect boat for our family.

It was fun to dream and check out some interesting stuff! After the boat show, we headed out for a bite to eat which proved to be a lot more difficult than we had envisioned because there was a hockey game. It was entertaining to walk the bustling streets, listen to the live music and try to spot a few stars. Carl thinks he saw Vince Gill and Hank Williams Jr. was in a bar that we passed. I am HORRIBLE at star sightings! There were tons of people hanging around where Vince Gill was so that was our BIG clue then Carl overheard someone say that it was Vince Gill. We kept trying to find a place to eat with no luck so we decided to head back to our area of town. Local Taco is always a hit so that is where we went. It was not busy at all since everyone was at the Predator's game. We got a cozy spot by the fire and enjoyed some yummy dips and fajitas. I could eat there every night! Henry is tolerating dairy in small amounts so we split a brownie with ice-cream. Keep your fingers crossed that he does okay with that! I skipped the cheese dip but that brownie was too tempting.We had such a great time and need to get out more by ourselves. Although, our babysitter cost more than our dinner! Kids really do change everything but we LOVE being parents.

Henry surprised us all and slept 9 hours straight! We woke up so refreshed and made it to early church just in time.

Evie and Henry looked so adorable in their snowman outfits. Henry was the star of the nursery. They just adore him which makes me feel so comfortable leaving my sweet baby boy in there. Evie and I picked him up and they were all gathered around Henry while he entertained them with his big grins. One of the workers told me that since Henry was leaving they could give the other kids some attention. Henry is the happiest, easiest baby. I took the kids back in church. As we were leaving, Evie told me that she needed to hug Jesus. I was not sure what she meant at first but figured out that she meant Father Dixon. He thought that was pretty funny and it made his morning after a tough sermon.

We stopped for bagels on the way home. It was pushing our luck with Henry since he is not taking bottles again and needed a nap. He did fine! Evie loves her strawberry cream cheese so everyone was happy.

We enjoyed a low-key Sunday at home. Those are the best kind of days! Evie played with her new toys, watched her Madeline movie, and everyone took naps. Henry tried a new food tonight - Organic Brown Rice and Lentils. He was a big fan. Evie asked me to taste it . I was not a fan. Evie was curious about why Henry liked it if it was not tasty. Oh dear, nothing gets past our Evie.

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  1. YAY for Henry sleeping 9 hours!! Praise the Lord!!


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