Monday, January 2, 2012

Carl's Grass

Carl has been home with us for two weeks! It has been wonderful having him here. He is a big help. It was a hoot watching him and Evie vacuum this afternoon after we cleaned up all of our Christmas decorations. They both were taking their chores seriously. Henry was not sure what was going on at our house.

Carl has never taken this much time off so he had big plans to grow a beard. He had a pretty good beard going. Carl decided to do a little trimming last night just for fun.

Pretty crazy! He even left the house like this to make a Starbuck's run. Evie kept calling his beard - grass! They mowed it off tonight and he is back to having a soft, smooth face.


  1. Ha! Thats too funny! Jake is growing his out too. What is it with men growing beards in the winter?

  2. Haha!! This made me lol!!! I don't know why men are so fascinated with growing facial hair!!!


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