Thursday, January 24, 2013

Armoire Transformation: Paint Changes Everything

Carl and I bought a large armoire from the unfinished furniture store when we lived in Raleigh. He spent so much time sanding and staining that I just knew that it was going to be that way forever.

I decided about a year ago that the armoire would look much better black. Time is a commodity around here so it just stayed on my project list along with about a hundred other of my fabulous ideas.

I am in a Nashville Buy Sell and Trade group on Facebook and noticed that a local mom started a business painting furniture.

Cindy Sullivan is an absolute gem! She created Vintage Loved out of her home and creates gorgeous pieces of furniture from the nothing. Cindy is the sweetest, kindest lady and Evie would have been content to go home with her forever. Search Vintage Loved on Facebook to see more of her amazing work!

Check her out if you live in the area! It's amazing what a little paint can do for a piece of furniture.

Carl and I are both thrilled with the final product and are already coming up with more projects for Vintage Loved. Perhaps, a big boy bed for Henry in a few years!


  1. that piece looks amazing Jen! I'm going to pass her info along to my sister!

  2. It looks awesome! But girl, you can do that! I refinish furniture like that all the time. Its such a relase for me to have a project. I'll teach you!! You can see some stuff I've done if you can ever come over for a playdate :) Your piece looks awesome! What a difference it makes!


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