Friday, January 11, 2013

Week in Review: Birthday parties, Cupcakes and Cameras

We have had another delightful week. I have learned after almost four years of being a mom that we all do better with some busy days and some low-key days. Carl has been home all week too which makes life much easier and more fun!

Monday: We headed to Jacob's house for his Mickey Mouse birthday party. It was so much fun - simple and perfect! Kristin had her bouncy house set up in the sun room, ordered pizza and served delicious chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Evie and Henry had a blast! They were both exhausted after so much jumping. Henry napped for a long time while Evie rested longer than normal. Evie helped me bake cookies for Make Cookies Monday. It was a sunny day so we spent some time outside. Erin came over to play with the kids which gave me a chance to get some things accomplished. We had spaghetti for dinner and watched Homeland. Christian told Carl about Homeland last weekend and we have watched the entire first season this week.

Tuesday: Evie went to school while Henry and I ran errands. Carl came home for lunch which thrilled Henry's little heart and mine. Evie had so much fun at school and was just perfect all afternoon. Carl had a work dinner so we just hung out after swimming lessons.

Wednesday: Henry was fussy so he had an early nap at 11! It was nice to have a morning at home. Henry slept a long time!  We headed to Walmart and the library. Evie wants a bike for her birthday and Walmart has a surprising large selection. She chose one that has a basket because she wants to take Raffi with her around the neighborhood. Sweet girl! We stopped by the library to pick up some books that were on hold for me. Evie and Henry love the library. Henry walked around saying "book" for the first fifteen minutes we were there. He was even receiving approving glances from the librarian. Unfortunately, that all went down hill after he tried to walk away from the computer with the headphones still attached to his head. After that, we hightailed it home! Plenty of adventure for one day.

Thursday: I was so excited for my first day alone in four weeks! Henry was happy at school to see his friends and teachers. I had a much needed cut and color which takes forever but it is still nice to spend an entire morning without hearing the name Mommy. I ran a few errands before picking up the kids. We met Leah, Laura, and Molly for cupcakes at Ivey Cakes. The bakery had just opened a new location with seating but they were having a photo shoot. We took our cupcakes to go and decided to throw caution to the wind and get ice cream too since we had to sit at Coldstone. Lots of sugar but the girls had so much fun! Evie needed goggles for swimming so she talked Leah, her Mommy and her baby brother into joining us in Target. It was hilarious shopping with four kids! Not sure, how the moms with multiples do it because we were exhausted after fifteen minutes! Next on our agenda was swimming, I needed a workout after that crazy afternoon. Carl was home when we returned and Evie helped me throw together a turkey meatloaf. Carl is not a fan of meatloaf but he had two servings. Maybe he was just hungry! Carl and I stayed up way too late watching Homeland than Evie woke up when we moved her back into the bed. Carl was worried because she was askew. Next time, she will have to stay askew because once she was back in the bed she became lonely! Oh dear, I slept with her for awhile and then moved to my own bed.

Friday: Morning came far too early! Evie slept until 8:30 but Henry was up bright and early at 6:30.  It was a rainy morning so we just stayed in our pj's and had a nice morning at home. I played around with my new camera. It's so nice to have a real camera again! Then, we played beach, hospital and read lots of books. Evie and Henry love to cuddle in bed with me now and we spent the longest time staring at the ceiling fan together. That was a good reminder that our kids do not care about cupcakes, swimming lessons or visits to the library. All they really care about is time with their parents!

Happy Friday to all of you! We have plans for the Nashville Boat Show and some birthday party preparations. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. whew! i'm tired just reading about y'alls busy week!! :)
    i'm jealous that evie and henry will lie in bed with you! libbi would snuggle in my bed all day, but as soon as laney wakes up she is ready to "GO!" and won't let me forget it. :)

  2. Henry's hair is getting so light...he's gonna end up a blonde like Evie! What is Homeland? Ill have to check it out!


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