Friday, January 25, 2013

Week in Review: Sickies, Supper and Solo Parenting

Monday: I attempted to watch the inauguration but between fetching snacks, turning the TV back on and referring between my children - I just did not catch much! Evie liked saying Obama's name and at least realizes that he is the President of the United States of America.  After our current event lesson, Evie went to ballet. Henry took a super long nap but the afternoon just seemed to drag on forever probably because it was so cold. The frigid temperatures kept us inside which makes for a long afternoon without looking forward to Daddy coming home. We did a face time call with Carl and then Henry went to bed early. Evie helped me clean out the pantry. Kelly Hancock suggested this as the first step to being Saving Savvy and it was enlightening to see all the stuff that accumulates in a pantry. I just love my little helper!

Tuesday: Evie went to school. Henry and I made a grocery run then came home to try to contain the chaos of our kitchen. Does anyone else feel like they clean the kitchen Something always needs to be done! We picked up Evie and came home to make cookies for Make Cookies Monday on a Tuesday. Of course, we had to sample a few cookies and then we were off to run errands before swimming lessons. 

Wednesday: We stayed home all day because Evie was feeling under the weather. She even took two naps which has not been the case in years! I did a quick dinner drop-off for a lady from church. This was the lady that does not like chocolate and Evie questioned "What part of chocolate does she not like?" Evie just cracks me up all day long! Ann was so sweet and appreciative of her Lemon Cookies and Turkey Black Bean soup. Poor lady, could barely move with her back brace and she blessed me so much by giving me the chance to help her! What a great reminder for me to accept help from others? It's not just about me but it makes the other person feel appreciated too. Evie and Henry both started feeling badly. I was on the phone with the Vanderbilt nurse line. Thank goodness for excellent hospital care in Nashville! Henry's ear was dripping fluid like crazy and it made me nervous. Evie woke up from her second nap about 7 and had some cinnamon toast for dinner. We had such a nice evening snuggling in bed with a pile of catalogs. She even had the chance to face time with her Daddy. We both crashed about 9:30 after our crazy day.

Thursday:  Evie still had a fever and Henry slept until 9 because his ears were so infected. Poor thing was not feeling so good! Instead of school for the Niemeyer kids, it was time for our weekly trip to the pediatrician. Medications for both kids and 90 minutes later we were on our way home for a picnic in the den followed by naps for everyone! It took me four hours but I finally succeeded in getting a urine sample from Evie. Oh dear, that was an experience! We were both laughing hysterically. Evie was so excited to eat her lunch that I had packed for school at dinner. She showed me how everything is done at school. Her teacher asks that each child brings a dishtowel for lunch so Evie felt the need to spread it out as her place mat at home too. It was so fun to see how she can take care of business without me.  We called it an early night after all the excitement of the day.

Friday: Henry woke up early and I was not thrilled since I did not sleep well. We had a pajama day since it was so yucky outside. Henry was as mad as a hornet most of the day. He took an early nap and was much better after that. We ventured out to Costco which is a risky Friday afternoon activity. It was a madhouse and Evie walks now which makes me a nervous wreck because I worry that she is in other peoples way. Evie is a paying customer too though! Carl came in from his whirlwind trip to Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City about 4 and I promptly flew out the door. It was a long week with sick kids and no husband. We made it though and were so happy to see Carl. It did me good to get out for a bit without any helpers. Carl fed the kids and then bathed them. We had a little family time and then Henry went to bed. Evie stayed up for Lemon Shrimp Pasta and cupcakes. 

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend with lots of rest, reading and eating yummy food. See you on Sunday.


  1. We have had to do a few specimens for Avery, and they have had to give us the little "hat" that fits under the seat and catches it. I am LOVING the dishtowel idea for lunches. I sit and watch my kids spread their food on the tables and am horrified. Avery will be off to school with a dishtowel in the fall! Hope you get some time to yourself this weekend.

  2. The dishtowel idea is fabulous! Hope the kiddos are feeling better!

  3. Oh, you Supermom! Sounds like you had a tough week, we've been feeling a little under the weather too and it sucks! Hope you all feel better soon! Xxx


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