Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend in Review: Lazy Days

We had a mostly lazy weekend. Carl was exhausted from traveling last week and I was a bit tired from taking care of two sick kiddos. We enjoyed the rest!

Saturday: I did some straightening up around the house while Carl took care of the kids and then ran some errands during nap time. Henry is not cooperative with his antibiotic anymore. He even kicked the bottle over yesterday and it made a huge mess in the kitchen. Thank goodness, we are heading to the ENT on Monday to make sure all is well with the tubes in Henry's ears. Henry needed a haircut and boy did he get a haircut. We enjoyed dinner with the Onello's. Evie and Abby were having some serious conversations about having a sleepover together. How did they grow up so fast? Maura and Tim prepared a yummy dinner of fresh Italian sausage and burgers from their favorite Buffalo butcher. It was delicious plus I had two helpings of pasta salad. We had lots of laughs and broke up a few disagreements between the children. It was such a fun night! We always enjoy spending time with our friends.

Sunday: We set the alarm to wake up for early church after our late night. Henry headed straight for the snacks in the nursery which cracks up the nursery workers. He loves to eat! After church, I had a message from the doctor to call back right away which made me nervous that something was wrong with Evie's lab work from last week. The nurse was with another patient when I called back so then I had to wait. It was a tad stressful.  Krispy Kreme is our favorite treat after church and definitely a good place to hang out while waiting for a phone call from the pediatrician. Those hot doughnuts are the best! Evie's nurse called while we were in Krispy Kreme and her lab work was fine. That's a relief! We figured that it was fine but the message on a Sunday was a bit unnerving. I headed out for a bit again during nap time. Henry took a super long nap and Evie played games with us. She's so much fun! Carl took Henry on a jog while Evie and I played princess with a pedicure, a makeover and an updo at the salon. Evie loves this activity and it is fun for me too. LOVE having a little girl! My little princess decided to go "soccering" after her primping session and then helped her Daddy grill some chicken. We enjoyed a yummy dinner and tucked the kids into bed. Now, it is already time to prepare for another week.

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