Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had such a fantastic weekend! Nothing much on the agenda except being together.

Saturday: I was about to have a fit to get our house cleaned. It was driving me crazy! Carl took Evie with him to run some errands while I stayed home with Henry. He took a nap and I was able to get so much done. It made me feel so much better. Carl took the kids outside to play with Campbell and Christian which gave me the chance to catch up on the laundry. Evie wanted to have a tea-party at her table. Henry decided to join us too. Evie selected our menu of mango slices, baby carrots, goldfish and Cheez-its! Carl grilled split-chicken breast on his new charcoal grill that were just delicious. We put the kids to bed early and enjoyed a lazy night on the sofa.

Sunday: Henry woke us up at 8 and then Evie woke up shortly after. It's so nice when they sleep late and gets our day off to such a good start. I made Canadian bacon sandwiches for breakfast that were quite yummy. We read the paper, enjoyed some family time and drank plenty of coffee. Carl took Henry running. Evie and I played in her room with the dollhouse. I took off to run some birthday errands while Henry napped. Evie is turning 4 next week which is just so hard to believe. She was so excited to see all the pink and yellow decorations for her Belle party. Carl turned Henry facing-forward in the Odyssey and we took a family trip to the Harris Teeter. Henry was so proud to be sitting forward and we are so glad that he made it to 18 months. I realize that the recommendation is 2 years but we feel good about about making it this long. We will be taking a 12 hour car trip in February and thought this would make it much easier. Carl must be so thankful that he does not make weekly grocery trips with us. He's probably especially thankful for Harris Teeter Express Lane. Both kids were great - they just love grocery shopping just like their Mama. Evie is allowed to select one item and this week she chose ice cream sandwiches. Smart girl! We came home and had snacks for dinner which is always a hit around here. That pretty much sums up our weekend.

Hope y'all had a terrific weekend too!

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  1. Haha, we love that express lane! We save money because we can't remember everything and don't have any impulse buys from seeing something, haha!!

    We turned William around at 14 months. I always swore I would make it to 2, but he was just miserable every time we got in the car! I bet Henry is loving it!! :)


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