Monday, January 14, 2013

Make Cookies Monday: Tollhouse Cookie Bars

It seems like Monday was just yesterday. Here are we are again for Make Cookies Monday!

I love cookies but love cookie bars even better! They are so much easier without the constant in and out of the pans into the oven without sacrificing any of the delicious taste.

I've had my eye on these cookie bars for several months after spotting them on Pinterest. Evie and Henry are not major nut fans but they love chocolate. Just like their Mama!

Princess Evie helped me whip these bars up and they were pretty easy even with the time spent waiting to soften the butter. Oh wait, I cheated and nuked it for a bit. Softened butter makes the crust and melted butter goes into the bars. Time is short these days so I have to grab time when I can!

You find the recipe for these cookies right here. Does your kitchen look like this after baking cookies?

 Mine always does!

I must have done something wrong because these cookie bars were nothing like the picture. Henry thought they tasted just fine. Evie and I were not impressed. 
Does anyone have a favorite cookie bar recipe?


  1. I always find myself having to nuke butter...I am horrible about pulling it out ahead of time!

  2. You have an adorable little princess!


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