Friday, January 18, 2013

Week in Review: Birthday Celebrations, Coffee Dates and Rain


It has been a pretty wild week! Lots of stuff going on and not enough time to do it! Evie's birthday party was this morning and it was so much fun. I will blog about it later when my energy levels return to normal. Henry has been up before 6 every.single.morning this week. Rain is the word of the week with unprecedented rainfall for five days in a row. It was so nice to see the sun this morning!

I really cannot remember much of our week but wanted to stay on track so bullet points will work!

Evie was back to dance for the first time in a month and that thrilled her heart!

I forgot Evie's backpack on Tuesday on the way to school so we had to come back to get it. So glad, that preschool is only five minutes away! It was cold and yucky outside. Evie went with me to take Henry to the doctor. He had been super fussy for a few days. It turned out that he had a swollen lymph node in his throat. Bedtime came early for everyone. Carl had a late haircut and I decorated the house a bit for Evie's birthday.

Wednesday was Evie's actual birthday. She chose Monkey Joe's and Chick fil A for her birthday. We had so much fun and she loved all the special attention. Evie requested Local Taco for dinner. YUMMY! Can't believe that Evie is 4.

Both kiddos had school on Thursday and I met a friend for coffee at The Perch. My favorite coffee spot - a vanilla latte and a ham crepe on a rainy morning was just perfect. I reluctantly left to run errands! Evie and Henry both had a great day at school. Henry even said "bed" and took a long nap without being rocked. Carl came home to help me prepare for the party and then went back to work for a bit.

Friday was party day! Our morning was a little hectic getting everything together.  It all worked out nicely though. Henry took a long nap and Evie played with all her new toys. We went outside to play and then headed to swimming lessons. Carl picked up our groceries for me because I cannot find my drivers license. Uggh, it's always something but that is just life.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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