Saturday, January 5, 2013

Henry is 18 Months!

Ugh, still cannot upload my pictures to Blogger!

Dear Henry,

   You are 18 months old today and are such a big boy. Anything that moves, rolls or has buttons is captivating including the dishwasher. You are afraid of the vacuum cleaner but love to play with the alarm clock. Sometimes, you even set the alarm for the middle of the night.

You are a good sleeper going down between 6:30 and 7:30 and waking up between 7:00 and 8:00 most mornings. Of course, you still throw a few curve balls at us just to make sure we do not get too comfortable in this routine. You are quite clingy upon waking up both in the morning and at nap time. It takes about thirty minutes for you to warm up. Mama still does a lot with just one hand.

You weigh about 22 pounds and wear 12 month pants but 18 month longalls. It seems like your bottom does not have enough padding to hold up your pants. We really need to get you a belt so you can wear some of your pants.

You make big messes in the kitchen all day long. Snack time, meal time, playing in the pantry time. You like cereal with milk for breakfast. Lunch is usually a cereal bar, some fruit and yogurt. Dinner is whatever we are having with a side of something kid friendly like mango or more yogurt. You would snack all day if we'd let you and have already developed a real sweet tooth. Some favorite snacks are goldfish, carrots, yogurt raisins and mandarin oranges. You really love cookies especially chocolate cookies. Smart boy, Henry!

You had tubes last week and we can already tell that your hearing is much better. It's so funny to see you try to move your tongue and the look of surprise when new sounds come out. You say "Mama" all day and are a real Mama's boy. It's cute at 18 months and I'd love it forever but I am sure you will move on long before I am ready.

You entertain yourself quite well with toys and the contents of any cabinet that you can get your hands inside. I am still going on a treasure hunt every morning for my hairbrush and it's not unusual to find my lipstick or necklaces in your room.

You are definitely a boy but it's cute to see you mimic Evie's behavior with dolls and other fun stuff like those necklaces or make up brushes. You look so adorable appplying brush, blowing your nose or putting lotion on your legs. It's obvious that you are soaking it all in even though you are not saying much.

Evie still adores you and it is so special to see you forming such a wonderful bond with your sister. Evie will be here long after we are gone and it's important to always continue to share life with her. Life is more fun with family! It makes my heart so full to see you two sitting together, hodling hands in the car, or even getting shoes on. Evie makes it her special project to take care of you and one day you will take care of her too.

Tantrums have arrived and it's so sad to see you throw your little body on the ground and scream. I've learned to just let you have your tantrum and then you come trotting to find me when you are done.

You are still very laid-back and we can take you anywhere with ease which makes life much easier.

Some of your favorites in no particular order: music, dancing, bath time, playing with phones, pushing the grocery cart, knocking down block towers, drawing, reading books and snacking.

You do not like being left behind if we leave you to go outside or run an errand. You insist on taking a shower each and every time the shower turns on. You see no issue with throwing food down with force if it does not suit you. You like your stuff and always have something in your hand.  If Evie is on my lap, then you need to be there too!

Henry, you are such a special boy. We love your infectious giggle, constant cuddles, soft skin, sweet breath and the way you feel so safe with us. There's nothing better than your sweet head laying on our shoulder. It makes everything else disappear which means we spend lots of time hanging out together.

We think you are just amazing and are so happy to spend our days with you in our family. It just keeps getting better Sweet Boy.

Love Always,

Mama and Daddy


  1. Happy 18 months Henry! He sounds like a busy little guy.

  2. I love reading what Henry is up to at this stage! He sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of energy which is the direction we seem to be heading with Sam.

  3. Happy 18 months to Henry! I love reading what other babies are up too! Does Henry take one or two naps? I'm assuming only 1...what age did he switch?


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