Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Coupons, Chocolate and Church

We had a fabulous weekend as always! Lots of sunshine brings extra cheer. 

Saturday: Henry woke up early but he did make it until 6:30. That's a MAJOR improvement over last week. I left about 8:30 to go learn how to be Saving Savvy with Kelly Hancock. It was such an informative morning and not too overwhelming. Best of all, Kelly taught lots of ways to save money without clipping a single coupon! Even better since I tend to cut the coupons and then immediately lose them before walking in the grocery store. I picked up some sandwiches on the way home for us. Carl had already fed the children lunch so I put Henry down for his nap. We played with Evie a bit and tried to catch up around the house. I let the everyday mundane chores fall to the wayside last week because of birthday preparations. Carl and I headed out after nap time for our date. Evie did not like our choice in babysitter and told us all that. YIKES! Carl and I had plans to eat dinner at a friends house but their son had strep so we decided to just have a date on our own. Carl wanted to eat dinner at Wild Iris which happens to be one of my favorites. It was delicious as always. We started with some Asian Spring Rolls with a chili sauce. Carl ordered a salad and a steak. I had salmon and a salad with Gorgonzola and cherries. Carl and I both love the movies but two of our choices were sold out. We spotted a Chocolate Gallery near the movie theatre. It turned out to be a scrumptious choice with every type of handmade chocolate imaginable. Carl and I sampled some wine along with our chocolate learning all about wine wafers. Pretty cool, I had no idea there was so much science to eating chocolate. We had a ball choosing our chocolates and eating them too. We went to get Evie and Henry some cold weather gear for our upcoming mountain trip and looked at bikes. Carl gets the itch for bikes but we never can commit to a bike. All of the choices are so overwhelming plus our garage is packed to the gills. Date night was so much fun! It's good for us to get out by ourselves and remember why we chose to spend the rest of our lives together. Carl is lots of fun and such a wonderful husband. I am a lucky girl!

Sunday: Both kids surprised us by sleeping late. Henry slept until almost 8! We barely made it out the door to early church. Evie loves "Children's Chapel" and was thrilled to be chosen to take the prayers to the altar with the offering. She thought that she was a big girl not to mention she was slipped a communion wafer again. We walked over to Starbucks after church and Henry was a wild man. I left with him while Carl stayed with Evie. It's finally become easier to take Evie with us but now it's more difficult to take Henry. He's not happy unless he is climbing, eating or destroying anything within his reach. We took a little stroll around Downtown Franklin after church soaking up the gorgeous sunshine. Evie and I went on a girls trip to the mall. Her choice - not mine. I love the mall but not on a Sunday afternoon. So many people everywhere! Evie likes to window shop and play on the playground which creates a free activity which is always nice. Carl took the kids outside giving me a chance to work on some laundry. I washed, folded and put away eight loads of laundry this afternoon. Where does this stuff come from? I'd love a laundry fairy to move in with us!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and that your week is productive, enjoyable and warmer than it will be in Nashville this week. Brr, it's going to be a cold one here this week.

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  1. I would love to hear some tips from Saving Savvy. That book and 123 Magic disappeared between our rental and here. You had a busy, busy weekend, especially with the fun party Friday. We are bracing for cold too...a high of 30 Tuesday. Mamas should get to stay in on days like that!


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