Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Park, Pool, Play

Hope y'all had a fabulous weekend! We sure did. It just goes too fast!

Friday: It was a gorgeous afternoon and the park was calling our name. Henry and Evie had a great time. It's so much easier to take them to the park than it used to be now that Henry is so much more steady on his feet. He has no fear but he does understand danger if that makes sense. We took a little walk over the bridge, ate some teddy grahams and I practiced shooting with my new camera. Carl surprised us by coming home early. We spent the evening playing and grilling in our driveway. Evie and Henry helped Carl put the charcoal in the grill and they though that was super fun. We all enjoyed a yummy chicken dinner and then called it an early night.

Saturday: It was my morning to sleep late which is always nice! We mostly just hung around the house all day because it was yucky weather. Carl and I headed out around 4 for our date. Evie and Henry were perfectly content with their sitter which makes it so much easier to leave. We decided to check out Southeastern Salvage and found lots of cool things. Can't wait to go back soon! We decided to eat dinner in The Gulch at Cantina Laredo. It was scrumptious! Carl and I both love Mexican food and margaritas. We ended our meal with Mexican apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. Heaven on Earth, I tell ya! Carl and I both always enjoy the Nashville Boat show and were not disappointed last night. We both chose the same boat as our favorite - a baby blue Cobalt. After the boat show, we ran by the mall to pick up a jacket for Carl. We were in withdrawals from Homeland so it seemed like a good idea to squeeze in one episode.

Sunday: Henry was up for two hours in the night just chatting away. He was as happy as a clam! Our rooms are next to each other so I could not sleep. Carl slept right through it. Henry finally drank some milk and went back to sleep until 9:30 this morning. Carl was super sweet to let me sleep in a little again since our little Evie was up at 8. We had planned to go to late church since we knew that Henry would sleep late after being up so much. Our plan changed when Henry woke up with a fever so we have just been hanging around the house all day. Carl gave Evie some swimming lessons in the den and I made some taco soup. She's been playing pool and swimming teacher all day. We did a few things around the house and put Henry down for a nap. Too bad Evie does not nap anymore because we sure miss nap time! That's about as exciting as it gets folks.


  1. Your pictures are excellent! That is a great camera and I know you will be very pleased with it. We have got to make the girl across the street our sitter so that we can have some date nights. I have also thought about swapping nights with a friend like you and Courtney do. You have a few more options in fun Nashville than we do here!

  2. Emily has recently phased out her nap too.... We sure miss it! (I say as I'm typing this and she's sitting next to me, eating a snack instead of napping). :)

  3. How nice to have a date night...I'd love the boat show! And Henry is too cute in those red overalls!


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