Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Evie's 4th Birthday Belle Bash

Evie is infatuated with all things Belle! It was not a surprise when she requested a Belle birthday party. I am not a big fan of characters at all and prefer solid colors rather than the typical character paper products. Tables were borrowed from friends and the mess was not bad at all in our dining room.

Pink, yellow and blue were the colors. Everything was pink, yellow, and blue from food to decorations.

Most of Evie's friends are boys which makes a princess party a little tricky. 

Sweet Birdie's Nest designed the fabulous invitations and did a superb job of incorporating the boys by placing a knight on the invitation. I highly recommend them for making your invitations! They created party circles and favor tags too that were the finishing touch.

Four year old boys are not especially interested in princesses but they still like cake. We invited all of Evie's little friends and every.single.person with the exception of one came to the party. I was slightly concerned about having so many children running rampant in my house but it was quite manageable.

Evie's party was a brunch party making the food simple with mini quiches, doughnut skewers, fruit, scones, and yogurt. I took lots of pictures but neglected the food which is surprising since food is my favorite part of a party. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food!

Katy made a beautiful Belle cake for Evie that just thrilled her little heart. It was as delicious as it looked too.

Our guest of honor besides Evie was Princess Belle. Evie was so excited that Belle was coming to her party. Her smile was worth all the work and expense of the party. She was just thrilled, watching her made me teary because it was one of those moments that I will always remember. Evie is such a special little girl and I feel so honored to be her Mama.

Princess Belle sang songs, danced with the children, painted faces, applied makeup, cut the cake and taught the girls to curtsy. She was excellent! It was so sweet to see all the little girls in awe of Belle. Princess Belle collaborated with Copy Cat for Kids in Nashville. I highly recommend Copy Cat for Kids. They provide  a professional approach, excellent communication and ability to work with our party schedule. 

Favors were the most difficult part of the party! I wanted to give something that related to our princess and knight theme. That was relatively easy for the girls although most items seem to feature all of the princesses while our focus was solely Belle. Target had some Belle Widgits on sale after Christmas so I just filled my cart with those dolls. Finding favors for the boys kept me on a wild goose hunt for weeks. Swords seemed like a good choice but most boys already have multiple swords and I did not want sword fighting to become the main focus of the party. Michael's Craft Store had knights and dragons in a Toob that worked out perfect. Evie really enjoyed helping me prepare the favors and passing them out to her friends. 

It was a wonderful party! The best part was that Evie had fun and felt special while celebrating her fourth birthday. A BIG thank you to all my friends who helped me out! Carl was unable to attend at the last minute - he has this daily obligation called work - but my friends pitched in taking pictures, cutting cake, cleaning etc. Henry was entertained by our wonderful babysitter, Karen! I could not have done this party without Karen. She's the best babysitter in town!


  1. What a wonderful party. It looks like it was a special day for Evie.

  2. Looks like a wonderful party! Perfect theme for a 4-year-old girl. Happy birthday Evie!!

  3. What a special birthday party!!! I'm sure Evie will remember it forever!! Way to go, Mama!!!!

  4. Oh Jennifer, what a fabulous party! That is certainly a party any little girl would love. I may have to "borrow" some of your ideas!


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