Monday, May 25, 2009

Evie's Big Weekend

Evie loved seeing all of her family at Sheshee and Poppy's house. Mary, her 5 year old cousin, seems to be one of Evie's favorite people. Evie loves Hattie - look at how cute they are together. Hattie is the sweetest dog. Hattie was Mary's first word so Hattie has lots of experience with little girls and did not mind Evie sitting with her at all. She gave Evie lots of kisses!

We went to a barbeque at the pool. It was delicious. I really liked the dessert - big cookies filled with vanilla ice-cream. YUMMY! Evie liked the pool. We did not put her suit on since it was a little chilly, her swim diapers are too big and it seems like a lot of work until we are there for longer than an hour. Evie dipped her feet in the pool and watched her cousins swim. She got to tuckered out she fell asleep in my arms. Two hours awake is her limit!

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