Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So much fun!

Evie is so much fun. Every day gets better with her. I love to hear her squeal with delight although it's much cuter in the daylight hours.

She had so much fun at Gymboree today. I think it's a great way for Evie to hang out with other babies and for us both to learn new things. Evie likes the parachute the best. I might need to get her one. Of course they sell a minature version of the one they use in class.

There was a really interesting mom in the class with her 11 week old baby. She seemed to monopolize the whole class with her constant talking and questions. Her baby eats 72 oz. of formula per day. Most babies this age eat around 24 oz. He also eats cereal. Even the teacher was getting a little frustrated at the "amazing" things this baby could do. I had to call Allison after class to see if she thought the lady was crazy too. It takes all kinds.
Here's a picture of Evie enjoying her bubbles. You should have seen her at class with all the bubbles stuck in her hair! Evie slept all the way home from Gymboree then ate and went back to sleep for two hours. I spent the time folding mountains of laundry and reading The Accidental Mother - it's a fabulous book. My SIL, Lollie, finished it over the weekend and passed it on to me. She always finds the best books.

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