Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gymboree is Really Fun!

Allison and I took our girls to Gymboree today! It was super fun! Evie and Paisley really liked it a lot! Ms. Beth was our teacher. She held Evie when we first got there while I filled out the paperwork and told Evie that she was teacher's pet already! Of course, she will be teacher's pet since she is a teacher's child! :-)

Evie really liked the parachute and this huge mirror where all the babies have tummy time! Ms. Beth put all of these balls on the mirror and the babies seemed to really enjoy it. I was glad to learn that everything is cleaned after each class. Can you imagine the germs? YUCK!

The bubbles are super cool and last a lot longer than regular bubbles. Evie will be so excited to see the bubbles when she wakes up! Now, that's the best part of it - the class really wears them out. I was a little worried because Evie got a little cranky at lunch but she fell asleep while being held. She almost never does that! Then she stayed asleep while being transferred to the carseat and she is still sleeping now, next to the dryer. It's worth the monthly tuition to get such good naps out of Evie. Usually, she wakes up with all the transfers but she is down for the count.

Allison is a smart mommy and asked if I had a camera. I really want to sign Evie up for a session of Gymboree. That place is fabulous and filled with fun things to do.

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