Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

We are so tired of rain - it's hard to get out with a baby in the rain. Evie might melt! We spent the night with Nana and Ipop last night. They just can't enough of Miss Evie. Nana and I took Evie to see her great-grandmother and aunt.

Evie must have been super tired because she fell asleep faster than usual. However, she did not stay asleep. Each night she seems to be getting better but I am ready for her to sleep through the night again.

We had Gymboree today. It was fun! Evie really thinks it's fun. She fell asleep on the way home then woke up when we came inside. Then she decided that she had no interest in taking a nap even though I could tell she was exhausted so I made the executive decision to go to MJ's Sugar Shack. It's a good thing we are moving because those things are seriously addictive. I got 3 and I have already had the red velvet one - not their best cupcake! Lindsay makes killer red velvets maybe she could contract out with them! I had a few bites of a pink lemonade one. It was very pretty and had a nice tang to it. I love lemon desserts! Saved the best for last - chocolate cake with pink buttercream. YUMMY! Evie slept through the whole experience. She woke up just in time to see her friend Paisley. Can't wait for Evie to have a cupcake!

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