Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun times!

Evie has had a busy day! We went on a long walk this morning while Carl mowed the grass. Evie slept for 2.5 hours and then we took her to the splash park in our neighborhood. She seemed to like it although there was a lot of splashing :-) and she was the youngest one there. I have bought her several bathing suits but since she cannot wear sunscreen yet I went with her swim shirt and bottom. She looked so cute! I thought the water was cold but she seemed okay. We thought a nice drive to run some errands would put her to sleep after a busy day at the pool. Evie had other plans. She cried for almost two hours! AHHH - it's so hard to hear that and know that there is nothing you can do. She did not even want to eat maybe she is growing a white, shiny tooth!

We gave her a bath and got her dressed for our neighbor Brian's graduation party. His mom, Michelle, did a great job with everything. The food was delicious, the weather beautiful, the company delightful and a wonderful reason to celebrate. I got a little teary looking at her photo board of Brian growing up! It happens so fast. I never really got it until I became a mom but it's really true. Cherish each day because before you know it they will be over.

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