Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweet Baby Colin

Evie and I went to see sweet Baby Colin today! He is the precious son of Jamey and Tamara. Colin is so tiny and pink. He has such beautiful skin and I loved his cute little tummy! It's amazing how tiny Colin is and that Evie was his size only 3 months ago. Moms always told me that you do not remember the early days or you'd never have another one. I thought I would be the mom to remember but those early days are quite fuzzy. Lot of things change once you are the mom.
Evie loved his playmat because it had a bird that chirped and went in circles. Very cute! I might need to get one of those for her. We had to leave because Evie was so tired and she does not sleep except in the car or her crib! She came home and fell asleep for 3 hours. I finally woke her up because when I went in to check on her I could hear her little tummy. She was a hungry girl! She is such a doll. Every day I love her more and more! Of course, I had to post a picture of my sweet little girl. This picture is from March and it's amazing how much she has changed.

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