Friday, May 15, 2009

Traveling to Gastonia

Evie and I went to spend the night with my parents last night. Evie loves her Ipop, Nana and Uncle Ben. We went on a walk with our dogs, Murphy and Gracie. Evie loves the dogs so much and lets them lick her and sniff her. Murphy seems to be a little nervous around Evie and worried about her when she cries. Evie had a chance to try out her new highchair and loves her playmat. I stayed in the guest room with Evie and was able to listen to her chatter all night. So cute! She is really talking a lot and seems to have so much to say. Evie is totally into her feet. Can't get enough of them. She loves to sit in her bumbo and reach for her feet. They are pretty amazing feet!

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