Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rice Cereal, Yummy Yummy!

Evie had her first taste of rice cereal yesterday. Don't worry grandparents - it has been documented on video for your viewing pleasure. She seemed quite neutral about it. Did not get too much in her little tummy but she did look really cute eating it. We had to change her clothes after feeding her because so much of it dripped down her shirt and into her Bumbo. I will keep trying to feed her so she will get the hang of it. Right now her foot is more interesting to her than eating rice cereal.
We used her silver spoon from her Nana. It's so pretty and it's in my sterling pattern Gorham Old French. We still cannot believe she's old enough to attempt rice cereal. Note on sleep - last night she only woke up twice. So it appears, she is improving! Thank goodness because Mommy is very tired. We are off to Gymboree this afternoon. Maybe that will tire her out.

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