Monday, May 11, 2009

Evie's First Night Out

Well, we finally did it . . . we took Evie out to dinner! It's been a scary thought since we did not want a screamer on our hands. Lunch is usually safe! Although, we've been told that going to dinner only gets harder before it gets easier! Maybe next time the door to the bathroom with the changing table will be unlocked!
On Saturday, our good friends Ben and Katherine came up to Charlotte for the weekend. We all headed out together with several other couples! Carl and I were so surprised but Evie was a rockstar. We walked to Revolution Pizza and the babies slept for the first thirty minutes. Ben and Katherine's son, Hudson is so cute! I loved his travel Sleep Sheep and had to order one for Evie. Let's hope it helps when we head to Nashville next week.
Harper, Christian and Heather's 8 month old daughter was adorable. It's fun to see what Evie will be like in a few short months. Davis their son is always the life of the party! He loved Evie and was amazed that Grover was on Evie's diaper.
Evie woke up with a smile so I quickly found a place to feed her before her smile faded! We had such a great time seeing everyone. I enjoyed the most delicious pie. It was a Nutella-Peanut Butter Pie! Yummy!

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