Sunday, May 17, 2009

We made it!

Evie was fabulous! We left our house about 11 and got here about 6:20 Central Time. We stopped three times - once for lunch, once at a rest area and once for fuel. Evie cried off and on the last thirty miles but was distracted by her new toys. She was in a great mood once we got her out of her carseat. Our hotel is really close to a shopping center and we walked over to a fusion place for dinner. It was good but way too much food. Evie was so happy and only screamed out once. We were impressed since it was two hours past her bedtime. All the extra sleep in the car did her good. Carl and I are exhausted. It is very rocky here and the drive was beautiful. We are staying in Murfreesboro so we are about 35 miles from Nashville. I wanted to stay near shopping and my friend so I will have something to do while Carl works. Gotta keep Evie entertained after all. Carl will head to work early tomorrow so we can sightsee in the afternoon. I am hoping to see Maura.

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