Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Southern Hospitality

I discovered something that I really like about the Nashville area today! Everyone here is very friendly and displays wonderful manners. Tonight, we were eating dinner in Brentwood at a Ruby Tuesday - nothing fancy but just your average place to grab a quick bite. Evie was ready to go and was beginning to get a little fussy so I had to stand to eat - nothing new with her. The older couple next to us asked if they could help us. The lady was a teacher at a local private school and told me she was a grandmother to 4 boys. She held Evie for a few minutes and we struck up a conversation with them. We told them we were moving to the area. They told us all about the area and filled us in on the important things to know. Then, they wrote their number down for us and told us to call them if we needed anything! That's something that would never happen in Charlotte.

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