Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Kicks and I love you!

Carl felt our baby boy move last night for the first time and again this morning. It's just as special this time as it was with Evie! My little Evie did not want to lose her spotlight quite yet so she told me something very special this morning before Carl left for work. She said, "I love you, Mommy." I have been waiting two years to hear that special sentence and it was the sweetest thing ever.  Evie just cannot decide what she thinks about having a baby brother. She suggested that a baby doggie might be nice this afternoon. I loved it when she tried to feed her brother a strawberry using my belly button as her portal of entry.

Evie and I had plans to see Conductor Jack this morning. She starts talking about guitars as soon as we pull in the parking lot and they love watching her shake her little booty to the music.My pictures are a bit fuzzy and it's obvious that I was using my old camera. The two people singing are The Zinghoppers and Evie loves their music. I had a latte while we were there and can still feel the effects almost 12 hours later. That was one strong cup of coffee so if you need a jolt of caffeine head to your local Whole Foods for a real pick me up.

  It's Dr. Seuss's birthday so we went to Barnes and Noble to meet our friends Devin and Mary but the "event" did not quite live up to the hype. Evie kept talking about the "hat" and telling me she was "scared". Not exactly sure what she was scared of but she told me was scared all day long! Tomorrow, we will be on to a different word.

   We came home for some playtime outside and Evie had a blast watching the men work. They kept working very loudly as nap time approached and then proceeded to bang on our door multiple times. It was so loud that I felt surely they were going to tell us it was some type of emergency. Instead, the tallest man that I have ever seen in my life was standing at the door telling me he needed to light our pilot on the water heater. Carl had talked with the men this morning and they had not mentioned this little detail. He had his little gas card with his picture ID and his truck was in my driveway with the gas logo clearly visible on it so I let him in my house. He lit the pilot so it was worth a delayed nap time for hot water. Evie woke up around 4:30 and we headed to the park for a few minutes of swinging.

   Carl was not here for dinner so we decided to make pancakes. Evie loves anything with the word "cake" in it so she was thrilled to whisk it all together. We had another fun girls dinner with extra syrup and sticky hands. Evie was in desperate need for a bath after her pancake supper. She was ready for bed even after a late nap so I have had plenty of time to get a few things done after being completely lazy during nap time.

    I just finished the trim in Evie's new room and it looks so much better. The trim was off-white but appeared almost yellow so it looks a lot better now that it's a crisp white color. We use the color "creamy" by Sherwin Williams on our trim and it never disappoints. Now, I just need to pick a shade of pink for my little pink princess and we will be all set for the next step of our project. Happy Wednesday! Only two more wake-up's to go until the weekend.


  1. Sweet post! So glad Evie's words were music to your ears! Glad that today held very special moment, for both you and Carl!

  2. What a great day! I look forward to hearing those sweet words from Jacob and I'm so glad you can now "share" the precious kicks with Carl.

  3. ARen't the words, "I love you",the sweetest words ever?! You are so blessed. I love Evie's pigtails!

  4. Precious precious post! Oh, I know your heart melted when you heard Evie say she loved you! I never thought things like that would get to me, but they sure do!!! Oh and the baby kicks! So so wonderful! Sounds like your heart is full!

  5. We have missed y'all this week! Love Evie's pig tails. Cannot believe you finished the trim, you are on a mission:) I'm ready to get home and get some projects going too. That's sweet about Evie saying I love you--music to a mama's ears!

  6. So sweet that Evie said "I love you"!

    Our trim paint also has a yellowish look to it -- I hate it but I can't stand the thought of having to repaint all the doors/trim in our house!

  7. sweet! and how special that you got to write it down and have a written memory of her first "i love you" forever ;)
    btw, this is one of my favorite outfits of evie's! it is just too cute!!

  8. What sweet words to hear! If you would ever like a weekend away in Williamsburg just let me know!


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