Monday, March 7, 2011

Boys are Back in Town!

Evie and I went to Peek a Boo Playtown this morning. It was a happening place this morning. The Zinghopper's were even there singing and dancing for St. Patrick's Day. Evie was excited because they even had cake. We made a green noodle necklace and played with bubbles. It was a fun morning and I felt sure that Evie would pass out at nap time.

Guess what someone did not stop talking long enough to fall asleep. She just chatted away and was perfectly happy in her crib for 2 hours. I went in to get her out of the crib, she said, " Evie, no night-night."

We were folding clothes upstairs when Evie spotted her boys outside. They just got back from visiting their grandparents. Evie was ready to go see her friends. Campbell and Christian were driving their gator and Evie took her turn in the drivers seat. I told Christian not to worry that Evie would not drive it. Well, she took right off driving across their yard with a big grin on her face. Thank goodness, that I had grabbed my camera on the way out the door. Be sure to notice that Evie has three bows in her hair. Courtney was so sweet to bring those back for Evie. My little one was so happy to have new bows that she wanted to wear all of them!

Evie was thrilled when her Daddy drove up. They had fun running around the yard together while I prepared some chicken tortilla soup for dinner.

By this point, Evie was showing some signs of crankiness. We fed her a quick dinner and put her to bed. It's Bachelor night but the Cougar's are playing. We did not know that the game would be on but it is so that is way better than The Bachelor! Good Luck, CofC!!!


  1. I'm with Evie on the cake. Can't wait to see her in the Gator. I have a feeling that Ned may influence Santa to put one of those under the tree next year.

  2. You got some great pics! Love that last one, I might have to swipe that one:)

  3. She is so sweet!I know she loves playing with her cute friends! I'm making tortilla soup this week too!


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