Friday, March 25, 2011

Projects, Review and Life!

It has been a busy few days at our house. I am in full-nesting mode trying to prepare for Baby Boy. Not sure, why I decided to attempt so much in one week with my two year along for the ride but I made lots of progress. My guest room is still covered in stuff and my regular household chores have not been done quite yet.

 We decided to turn one of our kitchen closets into an office. A major advantage to living in a house built in the 80's is the closet space. I LOVE all my storage and it was perfectly fine to give up one closet. We are moving Evie into my office, Baby Boy into Evie's room and my computer into it's new space in the kitchen. I found a carpenter and he came to put a few outlets in for me and built a desk in my closet. He was fabulous and super cheap! However, he does not paint so I had to take everything out of the closet, patch the holes from the shelving and paint in a dark closet. It was certainly not my best paint job but it does not even matter now that the desk is in there. Carl is going to paint the ceiling for me. He hates painting too but is so sweet to help me out! I finished this project about 10 on Wednesday and then Thursday morning the painters came along with the carpenter.

  It was a CRAZY day yesterday with painters and a carpenter here but they got it all knocked out in one day! Kristin invited us over for lunch which helped a lot to get out of the house for a bit. Evie tried to nap but it was just too loud! She was a doll and so cooperative until about 4. Sweet thing had a diaper explosion and all of her clothes were sequestered in the room with the painters.  I snuck in to find her some new clothes and we camped out on the couch for a bit. Then, we took our meals to the meal swap - as if I did not have enough to do yesterday - I also prepared 3 pounds of sweet and sassy green beans and five bags of honey pecan chicken for my meal swap group! It was not our best day but Evie's room is now pink and Baby Boy's room is Softer Tan. My house is quiet and Evie is napping! It has been a much better day! I should be painting my new desk since the carpenter does not paint. That just cracked me up! Instead, I am catching up on my blogs, doing a few little things and resting a bit.

We went to The C's house for lunch and playtime today. Evie did not want to leave at all. She told me "no, home" when I told her it was time to go back home. Campbell put himself to bed and Evie was asleep within moments of walking in the door. We had a fun morning!

Several weeks ago, CSN offered me an opportunity to do a review for their company! I jumped at the chance since we are trying to prepare for life with two kids. Evie needed a nightstand since she will be getting a big girl bed in her room at some point in the near future- not to sleep in but as an alternative place for our guests. CSN had lots of choices and I pondered over my decision for days! I finally chose a white nightstand to match her other furniture. I LOVE the CSN website. It's easy to navigate and their customer service is superb. My item was shipped out quickly and arrived super fast! Carl put it together in a little under an hour. It will work but I would not be thrilled if I had purchased this with my own money. The price point made it obvious this was not solid wood but I expected a little more quality. I am very surprised because I have had tremendous luck with CSN in the past but this is not a reflection on CSN because the item was made by New Visions By Lane. Evie will love having two drawers to store all of her treasures in and I love that it was a free piece of furniture. Free is always good! Happy Friday!

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