Monday, March 28, 2011

Boys, Sugar and Painting!

Evie was so excited to go to The C's this morning while I went to a doctor appointment. I told her that mommy had to go make sure our baby was okay and that she was going to play with her boys. She skipped right over and did not shed a tear when I left! I was thrilled to see her so excited. Courtney did a great job of showing all the fun they had this morning on her blog. Evie has said, "Boys, house fun" all afternoon so she had a blast. She came home and crashed within moments of hitting her crib.

I crashed too after my glucose test this morning, it was nap time for all of us. That drink made me feel so yucky for the rest of the day although it did not taste nearly as bad. I felt better after a little nap so I put the first coat on our new desk in the closet. It will be so nice when all of our little projects are completed but our list is still growing.

Evie and I straightened up a few things upstairs after nap. She loves to help which makes more work but it keeps her entertained. We took lots of breaks for snacks, puzzles and books. She even watched a swim meet on YouTube. We are not sure why but she is obsessed with pools and swimming. Evie asks everyday to go to the pool! It's a little chilly for the pool right now in Nashville.

Carl and I were reminded how short life can be when he found out that a colleague of his died suddenly at age 37. Pretty crazy and scary since Carl happens to be 37 too. We do not know any details but his family is in our thoughts and prayers. We are all on borrowed time but things like this really remind you of what is really important in life.

Carl played with Evie outside. They had a ball swinging and taking out the trash while I prepared dinner. Evie was not a fan of dinner tonight. Oh well, she can try again tomorrow. Evie asked for a snack after her shower but I told her she had to eat her dinner to get a snack. I think she drank too much this afternoon and was not hungry.

I posted my belly picture on my 25 week post! Hope your week is off to a magnificent start!

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