Friday, March 4, 2011

Life is short . . . eat dessert first.

Evie and I had a nice morning at home then we headed out for grocery shopping and story time. I decided we needed some mini-cupcakes so I let Evie choose our flavor. She's definitely my daughter since she chose chocolate. She also picks the chocolate chips out of her granola bars. I love it!

We met some friends for story time at Brilliant Sky. They let the kids paint with shaving cream which was a huge hit. Evie calls Carl Ho Ho when he is shaving. I thought it was fun that they gave the kids paintbrushes and encouraged them to make new colors. That is an idea that we could try at home.

All the way home Evie talked about cupcakes and was so excited to have one. We walked in with the groceries and she announced "cupcake time" in her most jubilant voice. I figured why not so we sat down and enjoyed a cupcake together.

It's supposed to rain all weekend so we took advantage of the nice weather and went outside to play. We came in for a quick lunch before nap time.

Evie and I read lots of books after nap time and relaxed around the house. Evie has assigned names to all of her favorite books. We know just the one she is referring to when she requests upside down (Silly Sally), girls (Sisters are fun),  school (Miss Bindergarten goes to Kindergarten) and rabbits (Pat the Bunny.) She was so excited to see her Daddy when he came home from work. She waits for him every afternoon at the storm door. Our neighbors love to see her standing there waiting for Carl so they wave at her and give her some entertainment. Carl and Evie went outside to play before dinner. Evie loves having both of her parents giving her undivided attention so we blew bubbles and played in her tent.

Evie took her bubble bath and watched her Daddy do his nightly push ups. She calls them "up it's" and that makes a lot of sense. We are able to settle in for a rainy weekend. Happy Friday!

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