Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Banana Bread, Brushes and Brellas

It was a bit of a dreary day in Nashville. We are ready for blue skies and warm days. Evie and I invited Campbell over to play this morning along with his Mommy. Christian was at school. It was so nice having a play date. Campbell and Evie played well and needed little interference from us which gave us time to drink coffee and eat banana bread. I made my favorite recipe for banana bread that has lots of sour cream which makes it super moist. Evie is a huge fan so it looks like I have a use for all of our brown bananas.

Evie and Campbell wore each other out! They both went to sleep without a fuss. Campbell was asking for his nap and Evie fell asleep within minutes of hitting the sack. Evie is getting too smart for me. I gave her sassy as we were heading up for her nap. She asked for a pink one so I told her the handle was pink. Evie said, " No, it blue." She was right - it was a blue sassy. I took a nap too after finishing my last assignment for my online course. YEAH!!

Evie and I did a little painting after nap. I found some washable paint at the dollar store in the little plastic cases with several colors. Perfect price and a good size for little hands. It makes me a little nervous when the colors get all mixed up but Evie did pretty well. I gave her lots of brushes which minimized the color mixing that drives me batty.

Carl came home and took Evie outside to play in the rain with her new "brella.: Evie loves umbrellas and can spot them a mile away so I bought her a cheap-o umbrella to play with and it has provided lots of entertainment already. It will probably be broken by the end of the week but Evie thinks her Daddy can fix everything so she's not too worried.

    Evie is really into what we are doing next. She likes to know the plan and what is happening next. She likes to ask me about the next toy and the next book. We are still hearing "againt" every time she wants something again. Sometimes she even says "againt two" which means another time. I think we read "I'm a Big Sister" approximately 100 times today. She loves that book. Let's hope she likes being a big sister just as much as she likes the book.


  1. Banana bread sounds delicious on a rainy day. I think that rain is headed our way. I finished my class tonight as well. I'm sure you are as relieved as I am!

  2. Your house is beautiful! I love that Evie wants to read over and over about being a big sister. She is going to be a GREAT ONE!

  3. haha....it must be a teacher thing, because i HATE when the colors mix, too! libbi has already been given many a lesson on how to use watercolors appropriately (not that she listens!) ;0)


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