Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain, Rain . . . . go away! Don't come back another day!

YUCK! That is the best way to describe our weather today. It's been cold and rainy! Evie had MMO this morning and I ran a few errands. My parents are coming tomorrow so that is exciting. We have not seen them since Evie's birthday which is a LONG time for us. We all survived and are looking forward to a fun visit with Nana and Ipop!

Evie must know something is going on around here because she is NEEDY! I heard "up and no way" hundreds of times today. It's nice to hold her but she is getting a tad heavy for me to cart her around everywhere. We were walking to the car after school and she said "hold, car's hit!" How can I turn that down? She was also "scared" to walk from the bottom of the stairs through the dining room to the kitchen. Not sure what she was afraid of but we managed to make it into the kitchen unharmed!

   Happy Birthday to our sweet friend Campbell! He turned 2 today and Evie wanted cake to celebrate and wanted to get him a "boon" which is a balloon. Courtney told me that Campbell wanted chocolate and Evie. HA! Those two sure are funny!

It was a chicken noodle soup kind of night in Nashville. Carl loves homemade chicken noodle soup which is pretty easy the way that I do it. Healthy too which is a bonus! Blogger is super slow tonight so I am signing off!

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