Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy Friday!

Evie and I were all the over place this morning running a few last minute errands. She did a great job shopping and loves her new spot inside the buggy. There is not as much room for my items but that's a small price to pay for a happy shopping companion.

    Evie talked herself to sleep again. She kept saying "hee hee, ha ha" until she finally fell asleep. She woke up at 5:30. YIKES! My parents are on the way so she will hopefully make it until they get here. I am ready for her to go to bed though. It's been a long day but she is not ready for sleep yet.

   We just had our last Meal Swap meal . . . spaghetti pie and it was so delicious! Evie ate olives and mango for dinner but she had some on her plate which has to count for something.

   Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!

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  1. Aren't meal swaps the best?! I loved doing that.

    Sweet pictures. ; )


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